Pandya Store: Dhawal convinces Juhi to consider Natasha's suggestion

Pandya Store written update, 22 February 2024: Despite Rohit's efforts to charm Natasha, Shashank steals the moment by helping her when she nearly slips, leaving Dhawal dejected.

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Pandya Store: Dhawal convinces Juhi to charm Natasha
Rohit Chandel as Dhawal from Pandya Store. Image courtesy: Star Plus

Tonight's Pandya Store commences with the Makwana men entering the house, only to discover the lights switched off. Amrish, in frustration, attempts to turn them on, but they are taken aback by the sight of clothes strewn about. Chirag notes the absence of the evening's diya and speculates that the family might not have returned home. Suddenly, they hear Amba's screams, her skin itching, as she enters the hall. Amrish is horrified to see her covered in ants and immediately calls Chabeli for help. Chabeli explains that Amba accidentally spilt a sugar jar on herself while eating, leading to the ant infestation.

Bhavin complains of fatigue and demands tea from Chabeli. Amrish questions his tiredness, having only picked up Golu from school. Bhavin is shocked to realise that Golu hasn't returned home yet and learns that Chirag was responsible for picking him up. Apologising for his forgetfulness, Chirag prompts Amrish to call the school, where they discover none of the children are present. Worried about Golu's whereabouts, they are relieved when Hetal arrives with him, having received a call from the school about the situation.

Suman questions Natasha:

Amrish confronts Chabeli about the scattered clothes in the house, but Hetal assures him they will take care of everything and even prepares tea for everyone. With Dolly and Pranali's help, Hetal efficiently manages the household chores and tends to Golu's needs. Meanwhile, Suman (Krutika Desai) queries Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) about her relationship with Dhawal, but their conversation is interrupted when Hetal calls Natasha for assistance at home. Natasha promises to discuss the matter later and leaves, only to encounter the two girls she rescued from a raid selling clothes on the street.

Natasha is delighted to see them and engages in conversation with them. Grateful for Natasha's help, the girls introduce her to Shashank, who informs her about his mother's stitching business and his decision to assist them. Impressed by their designs, Natasha suggests collaborating with them to create swimming costumes. However, when Natasha pitches the idea to the beauty pageant organiser, she reacts angrily and suggests Natasha withdraw if she's uncomfortable with their costumes.

Dhawal is jealous:

Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) approaches Natasha to inquire about the situation, and she explains her intention to involve the rescued girls in designing the costumes. Dhawal admires their designs and successfully persuades Juhi to consider their collaboration. Despite his efforts to charm Natasha, Shashank steals the moment by helping her when she nearly slips, leaving Dhawal feeling dejected. As Dhawal observes Natasha and Shashank working together, his jealousy intensifies.

Precap for the next episode:

Dhawal reveals that Juhi has locked Natasha and the other ladies in the dressing room while Amrish is on his way to stop them from participating. Dhawal resolves to free them and ensure their participation before Amrish intervenes.

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