Pandya Store: Dhawal suspects Amrish's intentions and warns the ladies

Pandya Store written update, 20 February 2024: Dhawal cautions the Makwana ladies about Amrish's intentions.

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Pandya Store: Dhawal suspects Amrish's intentions and warns the ladies
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Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with Bhavin insisting that the men should handle the issue without involving the women, suggesting that it's a male problem to solve. Amrish expresses suspicion towards Shalini, suggesting she can't be bribed as she's seeking revenge on him. Bhavin continues by making derogatory remarks about the women in their family's council, implying they are engaging in inappropriate behaviour. He decides to approach Shalini Dave, but Amrish firmly refuses to allow him. Chabeli's question about meal preparation angers Amba further, leading Chirag to reprimand her.

The Makwana daughters-in-law sign some forms and inquire about Natasha's participation. Natasha declines, stating she's a Pandya, not a Makwana. Hetal and others reassure her, emphasising that she's still cherished as part of the family regardless of her surname. Natasha eventually agrees to participate. Sesh, disguised as Isha, nervously tries to evade Suman's suspicion in the kitchen. Suman's search for Sesh and Mithu adds to Sesh's anxiety.

Dhawal suspects Amrish's motives:

As Suman drinks water in the kitchen, Sesh anxiously hides his face and feet. Meanwhile, Isha searches for her water bottle. Mithu tries to distract Suman and get her out of the kitchen, suggesting that Isha will prepare delicious food. Suman questions why Isha isn't speaking, and Mithu covers by suggesting she might be observing a post-marriage fast. Dhawal is surprised to see the Makwana ladies present and asks if Amrish approves of their participation. Hetal confirms the decision and urges Dhawal to focus on Natasha.

Dolly encourages Dhawal to persevere and assures him they'll help reunite him with Natasha. Amrish, frustrated by recent events, vents his anger by breaking objects in his room. Hetal reassures Dhawal of their support, but Dhawal cautions them about Amrish's intentions. Hetal questions Dhawal's constant suspicion of his brother, but Dhawal defends himself by pointing out that Amrish always acts with a hidden agenda. Hetal's mind drifts to thoughts of Shalini Dave as she considers Dhawal's words.

Shocker for the Makwana ladies:

The Makwana ladies are instructed to stay at the beauty pageant venue, prompting Natasha to ask Hetal to inform Amrish. Hetal requests Amrish to pick up Golu from school, causing him further annoyance. Amrish delegates the task to Bhavin due to a prior commitment with investors. The Makwana ladies are taken aback to learn that the first round of the competition involves wearing swimming costumes, with elimination for non-compliance.

Precap for the next episode:

In the upcoming episode, Natasha discusses a plan with her sisters-in-law to save Amrish's company and restore their family's reputation by participating in the competition, indicating her determination to take charge of the situation.

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