Pandya Store: Will Bhavin's guilt force him to take a drastic step?

Pandya Store written update, 12 March 2024: Bhavin locks himself in the bathroom, haunted by thoughts of Golu's words and Amrish's accusations.

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Pandya Store: Will Bhavin's guilt force him to take a drastic step?
Bhavin from Pandya Store. Image Courtesy: Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) reminiscing about the numerous memories shared in the room, to which Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) adds a touch of humour by suggesting they'll soon add another memory by becoming ghosts themselves. Natasha playfully begins applying makeup on Dhawal to transform him into a ghost. Amidst the makeup session, Dhawal indulges in some playful flirting with Natasha, who attempts to playfully evade his advances but ends up being pulled closer. As Natasha skillfully paints Dhawal's face, he gazes at her affectionately, and the two share moments of lightheartedness. Eventually, Dhawal reciprocates by painting Natasha's face, resulting in both of them sharing a reflective moment in front of the mirror.

Meanwhile, Chiku finds himself unable to sleep, troubled by the harsh words from Suman and Natasha. Conversely, Bhavin wrestles with guilt as he recalls Chiku's plans and Amrish's disparaging remarks. Dhawal and Natasha, now donned in ghostly attire, share a light-hearted moment as they try out different hairstyles and costumes, eventually breaking into laughter at each other's appearances. However, Chiku's presence in the kitchen interrupts their jovial atmosphere as he retrieves a container containing hidden property papers, cleverly disguised within a rice container, to evade suspicion.

Bhavin's remorse deepens:

Bhavin's remorse deepens:
Bhavin from Pandya Store. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Elsewhere, Pranali attempts to reassure Golu, who expresses concern about their financial situation and contemplates earning money himself. His words shock the Makwana family, prompting Natasha to stutter nervously, catching Chiku's attention. Pranali comforts Golu, emphasizing the importance of education and urging him to aspire to become a successful individual who can support his family. 

As Natasha expresses concern for her well-being to Dhawal, Chiku's fear is triggered by an apparent ghostly movement of a lamp, prompting him to recite protective chants. Meanwhile, Bhavin, overwhelmed by guilt, locks himself in the bathroom, haunted by thoughts of Golu's words and Amrish's accusations. Natasha, determined to locate the property papers, decides to playfully scare Sesh while Dhawal urges her to focus on their mission. Bhavin's remorse deepens upon hearing Golu's innocent remarks, compounded by memories of Amrish's accusations, as he contemplates his actions while holding a bottle of phenyl in the bathroom. The episode concludes with Natasha suggesting that Chiku may have hidden the papers in the kitchen.

Precap for the next episode:

In the upcoming episode, Natasha reveals her decision regarding marriage to Dhawal, stating her intention to marry Shashank. Dhawal questions her commitment, prompting Natasha to clarify that while she loves him, she must convince Chiku that she has moved on to facilitate the return of the papers.

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