Pandya Store: Suman advises Chiku to rent a stall and start afresh

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Suman instructs Chiku to rent a stall and start afresh, reminiscent of Dhara's past efforts.

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Pandya Store

The episode commences with a call from the doctor to Dhawal (Rohit Chandel), notifying him that Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) can be taken home after settling the hospital bills. Dhawal rushes to the hospital, but upon his arrival, Natasha has already paid the bill. Observing Dhawal approaching, Natasha locks the door. Meanwhile, Suman addresses photos of her sons, expressing how their presence was felt every morning when she went to the Pandya Store. She reminisces about the Store facing challenges and her sons risking their lives to overcome them. Tearfully, Suman seeks forgiveness from her departed sons and laments the impending demolition of the Pandya Store.

Dhawal pleads with Natasha to open the door, but she refuses. Despite feeling dizzy and helpless, Natasha maintains her resolve and prevents Dhawal from entering. Both Dhawal and Natasha sit on opposite sides of the door, with Dhawal expressing that they need each other. Natasha continues crying, refusing Dhawal's assistance, even after he learns she has paid the bill. She eventually leaves the hospital on her own, and Dhawal follows her, questioning her destination. Natasha ignores Dhawal's inquiries, leaving him perplexed.

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Returning to Pandya House, Natasha witnesses the family discussing rebuilding the store. Suman instructs Chiku to rent a stall and start afresh, reminiscent of Dhara's past efforts. Mithu, however, criticizes Natasha's actions. Suman, in a surprising move, encourages Mithu to support Natasha. Chiku lightens the mood by singing "Yaadon Ki Baarat," lifting everyone's spirits. A sense of unity is evident as the Pandyas share an emotional group hug. Meanwhile, Natasha watches from outside the door, still distraught.

Natasha then sits near the ruins of Pandya Store, recalling Dhara's words about the store being an emotion and a source of security. Distressed, she hugs a pillar, the same one she used to hit with a stick. She puts her handprint on the pillar and attempts to arrange the fallen bricks, remembering Dhawal's promise not to let her family face any shortage. As the bricks repeatedly fall, Natasha reflects on her argument with Dhawal regarding the signed papers. Unbeknownst to her, Dhawal watches from the other side of the wall, sharing her helplessness. The episode concludes with Natasha and Dhawal sitting on opposite sides of the pillar from the Pandya Store.

Precap: Dhawal presents divorce papers to Natasha, referencing her belief that his presence brought bad luck. Amrish is shown with a bandage on his head, and Natasha signs the divorce papers, throwing them at Dhawal.

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