Pandya Store: Natasha seeks help to bring Isha back home on Diwali

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, seeing Amba's pain, Natasha vows to reunite Isha with the family during Diwali.

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In tonight's Pandya Store episode, Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) reflects on Isha's warning about Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) distancing himself. Meanwhile, Dhawal searches for Natasha, concerned that she overheard their conversation about Isha. Natasha contemplates exposing Isha's role in Golu's kidnapping to clear her name, but she hesitates, questioning the worthiness of such a revelation.

In the temple, Natasha listens to the priest, advising decisions that benefit everyone. Dhawal finds Natasha there and playfully teases her. Natasha, seeking a sign, prays, and a falling flower brings a smile, interpreting it as a divine signal. Dhawal questions her presence, and she subtly hints at a shared Diwali prayer, wondering if he'll still wish for their togetherness after her planned actions.

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Chiku confronts Isha about loosening a window screw and urges her to leave if she wishes. Natasha calls Chiku, inquiring about his relationship with Isha, and subtly encourages him to keep Isha close, attributing it to symptoms of love. Chiku smiles at Natasha's words.

At home, Pranali requests more diyas from Hetal. Amba recalls Isha's past Diwali celebrations, feeling emotional. Seeing Amba's pain, Natasha vows to reunite Isha with the family during Diwali. Dolly excitedly shares her Diwali plans, but Pranali worries about the family's mood. Natasha proposes bringing Isha back, facing criticism from Pranali.

Amba, in tears, reveals her sorrow at Isha's absence during Diwali. Natasha suggests uniting to bring Isha home. Pranali scolds Natasha for introducing drama into every festival. Amba gifts jewellery to all daughters-in-law, giving Natasha a symbolic light. Despite his tough exterior, Hetal discloses Amresh's hidden affection for Isha, demonstrated through secretly buying gifts for her. The episode concludes with Natasha rallying support to bring Isha home, emphasizing a collective effort. 

Precap: Natasha expresses her unwavering determination to facilitate Isha's reunion with her family, declaring she is willing to go to any lengths. The Makwana daughters-in-law, shrouded in devil masks, arrive at Pandya house, surprising Suman and Isha as they launch an unexpected attack on Natasha.

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