Pandya Store: Dhawal comes to Natasha's rescue and expresses his promise of love to Natasha

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Dhawal and Natasha, surrounded by flames, struggle for safety, and Dhawal promises love to Natasha.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with an electrifying performance of Aditya Narayan, drawing enjoyment from the Makwana family. Fueled by the desire to spice things up, Chiku joins Aditya on stage, embarrassing Amrish and Amba. Impressed, Aditya inquires about Chiku's name, learning he's Yash Pandya, aka Chiku, the Makwana family's son-in-law.

Encouraged by Amrish, Natasha takes the stage, demanding the entire family to join. Reluctantly, Amrish agrees to Dhawal's happiness. Aditya's "Main Nikala" performance captivates everyone, and Natasha's dance around Dhawal encourages him to rise from his chair, a surprising and joyous moment. Aditya dedicates "Ishikayano" to Natasha and Dhawal, uniting them in a heartfelt performance.

As Aditya bids farewell, Sandip waits in the shadows. Dolly playfully imagines her social media following skyrocketing after Aditya's live appearance. Natasha, urged by a fake call, encounters Sandip with sinister intentions. Natasha screams for help, but the chaos of the party drowns her out. Meanwhile, Chiku manipulates Bhavin, teasing him about becoming the company's CEO.

Sandeep, holding a petrol can, advances towards her. She manages to push him away, and as tension rises, curtains catch fire. Everyone is shocked by the smoke. Panic ensues as Natasha escapes, realizing Sandip locked the gate from outside. Dhawal helps Natasha, notices the fire, and hugs her tightly. He tries to put out the fire but starts feeling sick. The Makwanas and guests are in a panic. Inside, Dhawal and Natasha, surrounded by flames, struggle for safety. The episode ends with Dhawal telling Natasha he'll love her forever.

Precap: Dhawal plans to leave the Makwana house, expressing disappointment with Natasha for hiding a significant truth. The strained atmosphere hints at a revelation about Natasha's situation, leaving viewers eager for the upcoming developments.

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