Pandya Store: Amrish permits the Makwana ladies to join the pageant

Pandya Store written update, 19 February 2024: Amrish agrees to let the ladies participate in the pageant due to their dire financial situation.

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Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with Amrish expressing disbelief over the closure of his companies, questioning how such action could be taken. An officer informs him that it's a result of a court order. Dolly finds herself bombarded by media reporters, but Chirag intervenes, only to face criticism himself. Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) steps in to reprimand the reporters and drive them away, while the media redirects its attention to Pranali, asking if she'll pursue a court case against Amrish for allegedly sabotaging her clinic with fake medicines. Pranali remains silent, and Chirag eventually manages to disperse the reporters. Amba frets with Bhavin about the potential consequences of involving the media, fearing it may have unintended repercussions for Amrish.

Natasha suggests a plan:

Dhawal's job interview takes an unexpected turn when the company demands prior work experience, leading him to be advised to pursue modeling due to his good looks. Amba once again points the blame at Natasha, criticizing Amrish for listening to her. Amrish laments the potential ruin of his hard work and worries about the negative impact on the company's shares. Chirag and Bhavin receive distressing calls regarding the plummeting financial values of their company, signaling potential bankruptcy if the trend continues.

Amidst the chaos, Amba accidentally steps on broken glass, prompting Pranali to fetch a newspaper to clean it up. Natasha notices something in the newspaper and suggests they prove to the media that women in their family are respected. She proposes that all the ladies participate in a beauty pageant, much to Amrish's strong opposition. As tensions rise, a live conference against Amrish airs on television, further exacerbating the situation.

Amrish gives permission to the ladies:

Amrish expresses bewilderment over Shalini's sudden political victory, while Dhawal faces the news of legal troubles affecting all the Makwanas, hindering his job prospects. Meanwhile, he notices an advertisement for the beauty pageant and decides to pursue opportunities related to it. Despite Amba's objections, Amrish reluctantly agrees to let the ladies participate in the pageant due to their dire financial situation. Unbeknownst to each other, Isha and the Makwana ladies all end up at the pageant registration.

Pranali senses an impending storm, expressing concern about what lies ahead. Amba continues to oppose Amrish's decisions, believing they are misguided. Dolly eagerly embraces the opportunity to participate, while Hetal hesitates. Natasha encourages Hetal to seize the opportunity, despite her reservations. Bhavin sides with Amba, suggesting they approach Shalini instead. Amrish grapples with the internal conflict of standing firm against Shalini's pressure. 

Precap for the next episode:

Natasha informs her sister-in-laws about the first round of the beauty pageant, which involves a swimsuit competition, leaving them stunned. Pranali fears Amrish and Amba's reactions, but Natasha asserts that participating in the pageant is necessary to help restore Amresh's tarnished reputation.

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