Pandya Store: The Makwana daughters-in-law save Amrish

Pandya Store written update, 15 February 2024: Dhawal asks Amrish to thank the women for saving him from the accusations.

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Tonight's Pandya Store episode begins with Amba smirking as she observes boxes of counterfeit medicines being delivered to the clinic. Bhavin contacts Amba to inform her that her task has been accomplished. Upon seeing Isha moving about, Suman inquires if she isn't attending the cooking class. When Suman leaves the room, Isha calls Chiku to inquire about his absence, and he advises her to attend the cooking class alone before changing for the beauty pageant class. Suman returns and questions Isha again, prompting her to make up an excuse. Meanwhile, the Makwanas arrange for counterfeit medicines to be brought into the clinic.

Dhawal grows suspicious:

Natasha queries Pranali about her happiness, to which Pranali responds that it would be better if Bhavin had arrived. Natasha assures her that things will improve soon. Amrish smiles upon seeing Dhawal, who marvels at how easily Amrish seems to have softened. Hetal expresses to Amrish that everyone is exceptionally happy for the first time, attributing it all to him. While arranging the medicines, Dhawal notices something odd about the boxes and shows them to Natasha, who dismisses his concerns. However, Dhawal insists on discussing it with Amrish. Natasha takes some medicine and consumes it, claiming she's fine, implying the medicines are genuine.

Media arrives at the clinic:

Dhawal informs Natasha that Amrish is unlikely to change, and they need to take action; otherwise, Pranali's career will suffer irreparable damage. Isha changes into her police uniform and departs from the cooking class. Suman follows her to ascertain her destination. Amba is taken aback to see the media arriving at the clinic and wonders who alerted them. Dhawal is about to show the medicines to Pranali, but they are interrupted by the media's arrival. A reporter questions Amrish if he is willing to go to any lengths to prevent the women in his family from progressing.

Amrish faces accusations:

The reporters accuse Amrish of planting counterfeit medicines in the clinic. Natasha reprimands Dhawal for calling the media, but he denies being the culprit. Natasha tries to control the situation, but Dhawal accuses Amrish of never changing. Pranali inspects the medicines. Dhawal tells Amrish that the Makwanas will never allow the women to advance. The reporters announce that Dr. Pranali's license may be revoked. Dhawal insists that Amrish go alone to the Makwana house while the rest of the family leaves with him. Amba realizes her plan has backfired and prays for Amrish's safety.

The Makwana daughters-in-law save Amrish

Natasha comforts Pranali, who cries bitterly, lamenting that the men of the Makwana house will never change. The food department staff also arrive for an inspection but find garbage in the boxes. A flashback reveals that all the Makwana women replaced the counterfeit medicine boxes. One man attempted to harass them, but Pranali forced him to leave. The food department leaves after finding nothing wrong and informs the media that their information is incorrect. Dhawal asks Amrish to thank the women for saving him before leaving. 

Precap for the next episode:

Amrish receives shocking news over the phone that the shares of his company are plummeting. Natasha suggests that he allow all the women to participate in the beauty pageant to demonstrate his support for women's empowerment.

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