Pandya Store: Amrish traps Natasha by getting her to sign

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Amrish confirms Natasha's signature, elated at the impending success of his scheme.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode unfolds as Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) stands captivated by Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav), elegantly draped in a black saree. Drawing near, Natasha extends a rose to him, proposing a date. The exchange is tender as Dhawal delicately places the flower in her hair. Lost in each other's gaze, Dhawal reveals the impending wealth awaiting Natasha—thanks to a deal where fifty per cent of the mall shares will belong to the ladies of the house. Astonished, Natasha signs the papers, with Amrish discreetly monitoring. Unbeknownst to her, Dhawal instructs Hetal to pass the file to Dolly.

As they head for their date, Amrish confirms Natasha's signature, elated at the impending success of his scheme. Reflecting on Natasha's last dinner date with Dhawal, he foresees the imminent downfall of their relationship. Blindfolding Natasha, Dhawal whisks her away to a surprise location. The enchanting setting leaves her pleasantly surprised. Dhawal presents her with a bouquet, and she expresses her admiration, embracing him. 

In parallel, Chirag attempts a similar romantic gesture with Dolly, who deems their location more haunted than romantic. Chirag justifies his choice, desiring an undisturbed date. Natasha and Dhawal, amidst their differences, acknowledge a lack of trust causing their conflicts. Natasha attributes it to insufficient time spent together and expresses her desire to navigate life's phases together.

Dhawal, holding Natasha's hand, reciprocates her trust as Amrish grapples with the realization that he's jeopardizing Dhawal's marriage without an alternative. Dhawal gifts Natasha a bracelet, symbolizing gratitude for her presence in his life. Natasha questions the choice of a half-heart, prompting Dhawal to reveal his matching half, emphasizing their connection.

Chiku wonders about his lack of knowledge about tax filing, contemplating whether to seek Natasha's guidance for every minor detail. Eavesdropping on Harish's conversation with Bansi, he learns that Natasha has indeed signed the papers granting permission to dismantle the Pandya store. Harish declares that mall construction will commence soon, and the Pandya store will be demolished tomorrow. Taken aback, Chiku thinks he must consult Natasha; Suman might fall ill. 

Precap: Natasha confronts Dhawal, expressing betrayal over his trickery in obtaining her signature and accusing him of breaking Pandya Store and their relationship. She declares that she gave their relationship a second chance after numerous challenges, only to be hurt by Dhawal's actions.

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