Pandya Store: Amrish leaves the Makwana house facing disrespect

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Hetal discovers Amrish missing, his phone switched off, and a note stating he's leaving due to disrespect.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with a sombre voiceover, narrating the demolition of Pandya Store and how its remnants still echo with memories of the past. Oblivious to her surroundings, Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) falls asleep near the ruins while Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) discreetly observes her from behind a pillar. 

The following day, Dolly endeavours to teach Chirag dance moves for a couple of reels, but their efforts turn into a disagreement. Chirag's inability to comprehend Dolly's needs becomes a point of contention, leading to a heated argument. 

Meanwhile, Chiku and Suman set up a new stall, proudly displaying the Pandya Store name board. Shesh presents a family portrait for the stall, but Suman notices Natasha's absence and insists that her picture be added, threatening to disapprove otherwise. A neighbour, Kanta, informs Suman about Natasha sleeping at the ruins, questioning her love for the store. Natasha wakes up, realizing the potential trouble if Suman discovers her, and decides to leave, followed discreetly by Dhawal.

Suman, accompanied by Chiku, searches for Natasha but finds the ruins empty. Concerned, she senses something amiss with Natasha and contemplates the next steps. Meanwhile, Natasha walks aimlessly, and Hetal discovers Amrish missing, his phone switched off, with a note stating he's leaving due to disrespect.

Natasha confronts Dhawal, accusing him of feigned concern, while Hetal informs Dhawal about Amrish's departure. Dhawal rushes back home, leaving Natasha alone. Devastated by Amrish's departure, Hetal shares his letter, revealing a life of enduring struggles and expressing his deep affection for Dhawal. The family is left emotional by Amrish's heartfelt letter.

Precap: Dhawal hands Natasha divorce papers, questioning her allegations about him bringing misfortune. He urges her to sign, and reluctantly, Natasha complies before dramatically throwing the papers back at Dhawal.

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