Over to the Galas in Indian Idol 4...

India has given its verdict of the TOP 10 contestants. The Judges have chosen 4 wild card entrants. Join them in their ultimate musical journey ... to become INDIAN IDOL 4.

Indian Idol 4 now will move to the much awaited Gala Round which marks the journey of the TOP 14 contestants to their final destination to the top. Who will it be this time? Will a girl contestant make it to the top or will it be a boy whom the nation will root for? 

This year the judges have raised the bar putting each contestant constantly under the scanner. The talent that finally made it to the GALA’s TOP 14 is a mix of the young, restless and complete music enthusiasts- we have the ‘ever smiling’ Rajdeep Chaterjee; the ‘chirpy chinky’ Sourobhee; ‘the singing soldier’ Kapil Thapa; ‘the first bahu on Indian Idol’ Shini Kalvint; ‘the cool dude’ Mohit Lalwani; ‘the smart lass’ Tullika Ganguly; ‘the baby of the lot & chhota don’ Remo Ghosh; ‘the beauty with a spunk in her voice’ Priyanka Negi; ‘the music teacher’ Kuldeep Singh; ‘young singing prodigy’ Bhavya Pandit; ‘the dark horse’ Prasenjit Kosambi; ‘the dancing doll’ Ananya Mishra; ‘the brave warrior’ Bhanu Pratap and ‘the coy bengali girl’ Torsha Sarkar. With energy that is contagious and a commendable spirit, we are sure the viewers will have a tough task of selecting the most deserving contestant out of this fantastic TOP 14. 

The Top 14 contestants have also recorded their first original music track composed & directed by John Stewart & the lyrics by Irfan Siddiqui. The music video will be filmed by Sony Creative team.
The fiery test is all set for these contestants and Indian Idol 4 has truly set the tone for yet another nationwide frenzy. The phenomenal response to the show can be attributed to its path breaking content with an inimitable fusion of drama, humour, music, entertainment and excitement. The coming weeks will see the contestants aspirating to reach the height of fame, fortune and love of the entire nation. 

Stay tuned to the making of another musical icon… a true ‘Indian Idol’ chosen by million of Indian viewers.

Pictures: Anant Rathi

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Comments (6)

Good to see Rajdeep, Mohit, Shini, and Sourabhee there

15 years ago

i like torsha...best of luck to al of U:)

15 years ago

good luck 2 the contestants!

15 years ago

Wooooot i loveeee Mohit and Rajdeep from the guyss
And Shini and Ananya are just adorablee! Shini is such a cutiee, very sweet and all four are veryy talented!

15 years ago

Im waitin for it..Have many favs..All the Best to all of them.

15 years ago

Prasanjeet was eliminated..Annu Malek rulez!!! Shame on losing such a wonderful guy.

15 years ago

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