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One on One with Karishma

We caught up with Karishma Randheva of Doli Sajake, who plays the role of a malicious step sibling - Radhima Kapoor.

Published: Thursday,May 17, 2007 20:59 PM GMT-06:00
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Floating around on the sets on Doli Sajake, we caught up with who we like to refer as Cindrella's evil step sister; Radhima Kapoor(played by Karishma Randheva) of Doli Sajake, is malicious step sibling who's ultimate goal is to get what she wants and knows exactly how to ruin her sister's life. Lets talk to the ever charming and bubbly Karishma and get an insight of her character.

One on One with Karishma
Lets begin with talking about your character in Doli Saja Ke?
The character I’m playing is a spoiled brat. She doesn’t like her step sister at all. She makes her step sister do all the work, iron her clothes, cook, etc. She falls in love with a guy, and is even willing to run away from home for him. She’s a very strong headed girl who’s very spoiled and pretty (laugh)

How is it playing a negative character?

Oh its feels great to be on the other side for a change. If you’re a positive character, all you do is sit in a corner and cry, where as if you’re on the other side, you are the one who makes everyone cry, and its really fun.

We’ve noticed that actors really enjoy playing the negative role, why is it so?

Gosh, its so much fun. As an actor you, yourself can give a lot of input to your character.

How did this role happen?

I was called by Arunaji for an audition, and she wanted to give me a positive character, I told her that I want to do a negative role, I Was a little bored doing such the positive. She didn’t have anything in store for me that time. She insisted that I stick to playing the positive role, she thought I had a cute face, and thus, I would only look good playing the innocent girl next door. But I told her that a negative girl doesn’t need to look negative, she can still look like the innocent girl next door, but who has shades of grey. A while later, Arunaji, called me for a negative in Doli Saja Ke, and things worked out great.

How has it been working on the show?

Arunaji is great. I just love working with her. Sometimes I even go out of my way for her projects. Any problem, you can give her a call, and she is always there, helping you out. At a point when I was doing Rabba and another show, I didn’t have time. I use to give half days to Arunaji, and she use to very calm about that. She would adjust everything well for me. Its always been fun working with her.

Isn’t it nice to work with such production houses when you’re at ease...

Absolutely, there is no tension as such for us, kabhie yeh nahi milega, toh kabhie voh nahin hain, there is no such thing like that here. And the best part is that we have a big bank of episodes so we are completely at ease. We were suppose to start off a long time bank, but things didn’t work out, so as of now, we have limited working days in a months, which puts us really at ease. We don’t worry about doing scenes for the next day, as they’re already done. Just as in today’s shoot, we are have 5 scenes which are shot in the house, and we’re finishing all of that today, so there is no hassle as such. I can't put in 23 hours of work anymore. Actors cant afford to compromise on their sleep and their routine, you got to look good on screen and your hair and your face all need to look great. I use to work non stop earlier, and My skin, my hair got ruined. I cannot afford to do all that now.

As an actor, what do you think completely defines the roles you’ve done, or you wish to do?

For me, I love doing different roles. Its all about creativity in any role. An actor needs to put in his or her set of inputs in the character. If there is scene where I’m suppose to be howling, and If I think that I should be more composed, then I’ll talk to the creative heads and work it out with them. I’ve done different roles, and I really like doing that… That’s what I feel completely defines me as an actor and my characters.

What’s next in line?

Nothing yet.

Any message for your fans at India Forums?

The world is a mirror, Smile, and the world will smile back at you.

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt
Contact Writer: PM Anju

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Prerna @Prenz~13 16 years ago things in India are way more different den d West, most actresses live wid deir family not becoz dey're babies but becoz Indian families are very close-knit unlike western celebs.....dats pretty mean of d western media...
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Rimsha @Gauri 16 years ago Nice article, I was quite shocked that Western Media labelled her as a big baby!

Some people are quite shocked with me when I tell them that I won't move out of my parent's house unless I get married or something.

But anyhoo, great job! :)
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AngelsEyes @angels_eyes 16 years ago thanx
its soo nice of them to take there mom white them and share things white them
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punjukudi @punjukudi 15 years ago we really want to see karishma in reality shows. ive heard she dances really well. i hope we see her soon.
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Rime @Rime 16 years ago thanx 4 article
she's a great actress
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