Omer Shariff to judge the TGILC Finals!

Enjoy the Final and Grand Finale of The Great Indian Laugghter Challenge with the Ace Comedian and Judge, Omer Shariff



~ Grand Finale to air on Sept 14 & 15, 2007 ~

Episode 33 – FRIDAY, SEPT 7, 9 PM – FINAL 1

This week “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 3” is creating history by inviting the legendary Comedian and Icon Omer Sharif to judge the Final and Grand Final episodes with Shekhar Suman and Navjot singh Sidhu.

Omer Sharif has changed the face of comedy and stage plays in Pakistan. He made his mark as a comedian in the beginning of the 1980s with landmark plays like 'Bakra Qistoan Per' and 'Buddha Ghar Per Hai.

Apart from Pakistan he is very popular in India, most of the Indians know him for his play 'Bakra qistoan per' whose VHS were very popular in eighties in India.

After years Indian audience will get the flavor of Omer Sharif’s amazing sense of humor and wit. It’s a complete pleasure to see Omar Sharif Performing on the stage of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 3, so don’t miss his performance and watch on 7th and 8th September, 9:00 PM on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 3.

This week Friday and Saturday is our Final Round, wherein 7 of our finalist from India and Pakistan will perform to win the title for next “Hassi Ka Sikandar”. Next week the aggregate of this week and next will help us to select the winner. So keep watching The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 3.

Lookout for superb performances from Omar Sharif and our Challengers, Parvez Siddique, Rajiv Thakur and Sudesh Laheri.

Episode 34 - SATURDAY, SEPT 8, 9 PM –FINAL 2

This week our audience will enjoy the great surprise package, on Friday we had introduced Omar Shariff who will be judging our show and on Saturday we have Mumbai Traffic Police enjoying the Humor and wittiness of our Challengers and Umar Shariff with Shekhar Sidhsu and Lovely Anchor Shonali.

This Saturday the entire Studio audience will be the Mumbai Traffic Police, They serve us in day to day life by controlling the traffic of this city and go through lot of Stress, Therefore we thought of relieving them from there stress and taking them for a great Laughter ride.

Watch out for great Performances from Kuldeep Dube, Chandan Prabhakar, Kapil Sharma and Ammaullah and for sure don’t miss the guest performance of Umar Shariff, our esteemed judge. All the seven finalist will perform next week again and the aggregate of this week and next will help us to select the next Hassi Ka Sikandar.

So keep watching The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 3 this week 7 & 8 of September ,9:00 PM only on Star One.

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Comments (4)

Hez the best comedian...I like him...

16 years ago

wow man lookin forward to umer sharif he is by far th ebest comedian seen

16 years ago

i havenot witness any comedian as sharp n witty as omer shariff.even in pakistan laughter challenges he use 2 be more funny than the contestants.

16 years ago

Man he is the best in all ...his timing and wacky sentences tooo much...

16 years ago

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