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No one on television impresses me' - Vikas Manaktala

He is the current day Apolo with an attitude on small screen. Sporting a sculpted body with sensational mannerisms, Vikas Manaktala impressed us with his style and cadid demeanour!

Published: Saturday,Sep 15, 2007 16:13 PM GMT-06:00
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He could easily be termed as the Salman Khan of small screen( strictly for his physical attributes of course). A fabulous physique, an innate dressing sense by his own admissions and an aptitude to be extraordinarily comfortable in his own skin, Vikas Manaktala comes across very much as the cool dude he projects himself to be. We catch up with this gorgeous former model who has wowed million with his Amardeep Huda act on Left Right Left and get his take on fashion and style.

What is fashion to you?

Being myself. For me it means being most comfortable and carrying yourself with panache no matter what you wear.

What is the most expensive outfit in yoru wardrobe:

I have quite a few things- Well, maybe a pair of shoes which cost me 22 grand.

What is more important to you: being comfortable, or being seen in the 'in' clothes?

It has to be comfortable, and then 'in' clothes are what you wear and carry it so well that it becomes the 'in' style of the season!

When did you start getting conscious about fashion?

Maybe since I was born (laughs). I have been very picky since childhood. I remember I have a photograph as a 4-5 year old where I am very nattily dresses in jacket and ankle length boots. I think I was born with a fashion sense.

Who would you say is most atrociously dressed celebrity person?

Can’t answer that, sorry. Can’t name any one person, but what I can say is that many fall into that category.

A bollywood star who you think is a Style Icon-

Among men- Hritik and Saif

Among women: Bipasha

What about television:
Sorry, in terms of dressing, no one on television impresss me.
No one?
No one. I have been a model and I have lived in and around fashion for years. There is no one who even comes close to being a style icon among the small screen stars.

One attire you never get tired of:

White T and jeans
If you had to go to a party right away, what would you wear?

Depends where I am going, but I would most certainly wear this amazing jacket I got that has just been been delivered.

What fashion mistake you would never make?

I would never wear loud clothes.

If you have to gift a dress to a lady friend, how would you choose?

Depends on the friend, if she is special, then a dress. But if it’s just a lady friend, then , as the most that I know are often dressed in westerns, so I would gift her a one piece suit ethnic wear. She whould also know how she looks in an ethnic wear.

Favourite Brand?

I am not really loyal to any one brand. I rather go for what fits me the best. For example I like - Shirts-they are amazing fit, shades, - few Ts, - jeans, is also another brand I like.
Anyone among the Indian designers who impress you?
Rohit Bal is brilliant! He has a way of designing. He is an absolute genius.

I also like Rajesh Pratap Singh and Varun Behl.

Any celebrity that you would like to design for?
It's my fantasy, but if I can, I would like to dress Monica Bellucci.

What would you design?

I would design ethnic wear: My first choice would be a beautiful shaped lehenga, cut to fit and with sequins, with a classically cut choli in wine colour, again with sequins.

So that was the very stylish Vikas Manaktala sharing fashion tips with all his IF fans. Keep checking this space for more on fashion and style.

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-PoisonIvy- 15 years ago ha! excuse me but there are quite a few actors who dress u better than u mr Manaktala.
Rajeev Khandelwal, both Ronit and Rohit roy hv a better dressing sense than him... his caps n blazers are too repetitive!
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I_rocks 15 years ago He looks scary.do you think that he is hot?yuck.i just hate him.he looks like salman khan!My foot.i'm very much surprised that he has been paired withPriyanka in LRL.This is the best example---Langur ke mu par angur.

in front of Rajeev ur noting but a stupid jerk..............MIND IT
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maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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Ruhin07 15 years ago He is ugly , dumb & stupid. All the answers he gave are copied from other star's comments.
Has no personality nor inner beauty.No other star has impressed him yet coz he is blind.

Telly buzz always goes after dumbo's like that who are nothing but pollution in the Tv industry.
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Rah_HuJu 15 years ago who's he??& why so much arrogance??there are plenty of TV personalities who are more stylish than him...cases in point Husein,Rajeev Khandelwal,Eijaz Khan....etc etc
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princesssssssss 15 years ago his abs are scary and he doesnt look all that
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**sanya** 15 years ago wou hou!!
every1 like mr attitude 2 im! well i dont know if hes got attitude or wot
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-Afreen- 16 years ago
he lukks lyk a flat cow[:P]..no offence to his fans..!!
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apppi 16 years ago i feel laughing by looking at vikas's pictures ,sorry but he is really looking like a clown !!!

there are loads of tv actors who are utter stylish & hansome or i shud say 10000 times stylish & handsome than vikas like rajeev khandelwal ,jay bhanushali ,mohit mallik ,shakti anand ,arjun bijlani(vikas co-star in lrl) ,sachin shroff & many more .

vikas u r really a rude manwith loads of attitude!!
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mahek-e-gulab 16 years ago huh! i agree all hve a choice but he dont find ne one stylish on tv....hpe he has his defination of style........he has worked wid n shared screen wid a manRajeev Khandelwal] who is awarded twice most stylish, me pitty his choice of fashion.....
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