No more 'K' factor for Ekta..

The Queen of the Television industry is all set for a change... To know more read further...

For almost a decade now, television has been dominated by soap queen Ekta Kapoor. But the downfall of two of her most popular shows, Kahaani and Kyunki marks the end of the K-factor for Ekta.

If sources are to be believed, the latest buzz in the industry is that Ekta will no longer make shows with titles starting with the trademark 'K'. "This is true. Ekta has decided to drop the K from all the titles of her upcoming shows", informs our source from the production house.

Ekta has even gone to the extent of renaming her upcoming project on Star Plus. The show that was earlier called Kaisi Ye Mohobbat Hai now has two new names in the pipeline, Mainu Ishq Da Lagiya Rog or Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajana.

Her new show on NDTV Imagine which was earlier titled 'Kabhie Kabhie Isse Junoon Kehte Hai' might also not see the traditional 'K'. "The title of the show has not been decided yet", adds our source.

Ekta Kapoor sure believes in keeping up with changing trends. Now we will just have to wait and see what the Czarina's new lucky alphabet will be.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Melanie

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Its nice to see her dropped K thing. It seem a bit annoying to see all shows begin with k titles.

15 years ago

lol.. am glad.. i was kinda getting bored with d silly [K] thing

15 years ago

She is planning to use M..
and even Karan johar too dropped K thing...

15 years ago

ugh finally. I have been waiting for a change for quite a while.

15 years ago

So finally we may see sum new , imaginative titles...not the usual soppy ones

15 years ago

yes exavtly ekta
dont change the name but change ur story
i dont know if may people would agree with me but i think ekta has the same plots that she uses in all her serials one by one

15 years ago

Ekta dont change name only plz change the stories of ur drama n avoid the similar mistakes ,doubt bloopers etc

15 years ago

if i m not mistaking, Karan has changed his K factor also....he made the movie first time w/o K factor and his movie's name is Dostana.... So Ekta is following Karan Joher....interesting... well kesi ye mohabbat hai was nice's so similar to kesa ye pyar hai and I love that serial... I really miss KYPH...Ekta should make seals's like KYPH

15 years ago

safeplacetoland Thumbnail



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15 years ago

wooooooooooooow! looks like ekta is hitting back to reality!

15 years ago

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