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Neha Bamb's Screen Ethics

Neha Bamb refuses to do a scene as she thought it was too obscene. Read on to find out more.

Published: Thursday,Aug 09, 2007 12:29 PM GMT-06:00
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Neha Bamb sticking to her own acting terms...

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Actors are generally known to create a fuss on the sets with certain scenes they are uncomfortable with. Recently the Maayka unit was furious with Neha Bamb throwing tantrum on the sets for not doing a particular romantic scene.

The scene in contention here is the song - 'Yeh Haseen Wadiya', in the landmark film Roja where the hero puts a chunk of ice on Madhu's back and Madhu runs off into the bathroom to change and comes out wearing his t-shirt, feeling shy and embarrassed. Madhu’s naïve performance is what truly moved the audience.

In Maayka, where the storyline is such that Mahi and Shabd are on their honeymoon, the director planned a replica of the Roja scene with Neha coming out wearing Shabd's dress. Neha though refused to shoot this, since she wasn’t comfortable just wearing a T-shirt and appearing on screen. The director got furious for Neha’s non-co operation, but Neha remained adamant about her decision.

Hats off to Neha for staying put to her principles. In an industry where people need to constantly compromise with their ethics and principles, Neha's firm stand is a welcome change to all!!

Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

Neha Bamb

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o|oNaTaShAo|o 15 years ago shweet.......he could have won the II title.....but just becaz of the votes he........ neways....thx for the article
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Sara_DONT_ASK 15 years ago Amit is starr despite of loosing...all da best to him..
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Too_Much 15 years ago Reaching her eit self is a big achivement
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pomegranate 15 years ago neha has her ethics and principals and she cannot do scenes which she is not comfortable. she has some dignity and the nobody cant go against it. not even the directer.
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ShellyB 15 years ago u go girl u stick to ur work ethics n stand up for urself u'l def earn every1's luv n respect @am_786 her shoulders were bare but everyfing else was covered n da scene wasnt exactly vulgar either, whatever neha has worn or shot in maayka & KYPH has always been within boundries n limits :D
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TrustYourSelf 15 years ago well done neha! i mus tsay!!
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Deepayyz 15 years ago Well Done Neha ! Her clothes & scenes have always been within limits of decency even in KYPH.
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kate-85 15 years ago excuse me dhoop kinary!!!....there were no vulgar scenes in kyph...if you are talking abt the one with prithvi..the only portion that were shown was only her shoulders!!!!
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dhoopkinarey 15 years ago Okay, I don't know why she is suddenly standing up for ideals when she was willing to shed her clothes in KYPH in a very vulgar scene. I guess better now than never.
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sourabhbhavsar 15 years ago aah after a long time i have this kind of story where a girl is NOT ready to do these kinda roles!

seriously, all those music videos are doing is making our culture dirty.
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