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Nandu to misuse the powers of Jagdish in Balika Vadhu!

Jagdish being an MLA, Nandu takes an advantage of his name and misuses his powers.

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Sphere Origins popular show Balika Vadhu has been showing gripping track as Shiv has been suspended on the false pretext of molestation whereas Jagdish (Shashank Vyas) is seen handling his duties as a MLA.

In the latest episodes we have seen Ganga's (Sargun Mehta) doubt gets even more stronger as she gets to know that the factory which Shyamal Bhai (Akash Khurana) owns supplies harmful drugs. Whereas now the track will take a turn, Nandu who is the younger brother will start misusing the power of Jagdish.

In the upcoming episodes, we will get to see Nandu who is younger brother of Jagdish in Balika Vadhu will take advantage of his elder brother powers and will misuse the same in a negative manner.

According to the sources, "Nandu will bunk his classes in the school and go for playing cricket. He will become very arrogant towards teachers and on punishing him for bunking he answers back rudely and shows off about Jagdish's stature. Being an MLA they keep quiet but after a certain time, this issue reaches to the counselor and he calls Jagdish to the school."

The source further adds, "On the other side Nandu will be harassed from his senior students as they will ask him to arrange question papers for them as his brother is a MLA he can easily get those things done. His seniors will harass him, beat him and teases him so that he can do their work of robbing question papers and arranging them from his brother. After a limit Nandu decides to talk about this with his brother Jagdish."

Now it will be interesting to see what will be Jagdish reaction on knowing his brother's intention. And how will he react on this. What will he do with Nandu and how will he handle his seniors. And will the counselor will forgive Nandu mistake?

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NatalyMusketeer 5 years ago Siddharth Shukla, you are just the best of all...
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Justnandi 6 years ago Siddharth Shukla,
Siddharth Shukla,
Siddharth Shukla,
Siddharth Shukla,
Siddharth you a lot.
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RainbowKitty 6 years ago Episode aired Nandu got this influence from his friend His friend fed his ears his brother is MLA and get away with everything so atominis jee your genetic analysis tch tch flopped
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saba113 6 years ago Lol he is bhai of mahaan Anandi jee too Anandi jiji How much time he has spend with Anandi jiji more than the other bhai so mockery is pathetic as usual No one did these acts in front of Nandu Nandu got this influence from outer world many kids get but here as usual mockery will be of Jagya and Singhs Keep cracking jokes
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tiny15 6 years ago sargun mehta & shashank vyas r doing gud job.
btw 4 nandu after all jab paida hua tha uske baad kaafi saal kun uski bhabhisa thi??
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Spring-Dew 6 years ago Shashank Vyas u r amazing man u r the best
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atominis 6 years ago Pota kiska hai! Beta kiska hai! Bhai kiska hai! LOL! Nandu is living up to Singh's legacy. Expected and run of the mill track.
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Reenatyzed 6 years ago Sargun Mehta
the best thing in bv now
waiting 4 more powerful performance from her
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ButterflyOnRose 6 years ago Shashank Vyas Sargun Mehta
ShaGun /JaGan rock
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yanks28 6 years ago shashank vyas shashank vyas shashank vyas shashank vyas
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