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Nana burst out at Deepika

Picture the beautiful Deepika Padukone with the great artist Nana...

Published: Thursday,Mar 11, 2010 13:57 PM GMT-07:00
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Picture the beautiful Deepika Padukone with the great artist Nana Patekar - mind you great, but authoritarian. And for the latter of those traits, Patekar sure dosn't know how to deal with a no. So when Deepika proposed some changes in his script, Nana was no pleased man.

The incident took place, when Nana approached Deepika for a film, which he is scheduled to direct for Prakash Jha. However when Deepika started suggesting changes in the script, Nana got upset and gave her a piece of his mind. Deepika chose to remain quiet, which didn't go down too well with him either. He not only refused to accept her suggestions but was overtly furious with her. In a fit of anger, Nana went on to cash on his greater experience against her newer status in the industry, and the comparison as such he claimed should leave no space for her to raise questions.

Wisely enough, Deepika kept her cool, even after he stormed out of the place.

However, a close friend of Deepika has revealed that discontent with the sketch of the character she was approached to enact, she has turned the offer down. No further altercations have taken place between the two over her dissent.

By: Aranya.

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