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My Man Tulip Joshi

Interview with Tulip Joshi of Dhokha

Published: Tuesday,Aug 21, 2007 17:17 PM GMT-06:00
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My Man  Tulip Joshi
Q. How is your ideal man like?
A. What he is, nothing more and nothing less. I don’t believe in making assumptions.

Q- What are the must have qualities in your man?
A- Honesty. I can't tolerate lies and deceit.

Q-He should be from Bollywood or from outside?
A- Does that really matter? Till the time he loves me, it’s ok if he is into business, job or anything else. (Laughs) Maybe I am saying all this because he is from outside the film industry and we are very happy together.

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My Man  Tulip Joshi
Q-If you had to choose between brainy and brawny, which would it be and why?
A- Definitely brainy because its only the brain which makes one successful. Brawny people are mostly dumb.

Q-You would go for inner or outer beauty?
A- Spiritual. I am heavily into spirituality and that’s’ what would work for me.

Q- Is a sense of humour a must?
A- Yeah it is. This is what makes him unique. He rocks because of his amazing ability to make others laugh.

Q-How much is the importance of calls and SMSs in our relationship:
A- It’s an essential part in our lives. In other words, it’s a must. How can a relationship survive without proper communication?

Q- What would be the next level of your relationship like?
A- That’s secondary for me at the moment. I am into a serious committed relationship right now and so marriage and the next level, whatever that may mean, is not at all important for me.

Q- Your take on metro-sexuality?
A- I don’t mind him being metro-sexual. Unlike others, I would not say they (metro-sexual men) are sissy.

Q- What would your most romantic getaway with him?
A- It has to be Venice. It’s so beautiful.

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