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My Favourite fish curry and rice Shreya Ghoshal

I still don't own it but I would like to own a Kayan by the end of this year. In reality, I don't have too much passion for cars.

Published: Thursday,Jun 05, 2008 11:38 AM GMT-06:00
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Q. Your favourite perfume?
A. There are many. But the most I use is David Off.

Q. Your favourite car?
A. I still don’t own it but I would like to own a Kayan by the end of this year. In reality, I don’t have too m

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uch passion for cars.

Q. Your favourite eating joint?
A. I very rarely eat outside. I have very favoutite joint in Vashi, which is called Chelab. Chotu Singh owns it. It’s not only the food, which is very good but the ambience is also very musical.

Q. Your favourite recipe?
A. Being a Bengali, I like Bengali cuisine. I love to eat home cooked food as I have enough of outside food because of the traveling. I always look forward to come home and eat my favourite fish curry and rice. My mom cooks it for me. I am not a good cook at all.

Q. Your fitness regime?
A. The time factor does not allow me to carry on any fitness regime. I used to do Yoga in the past. In fact I should take out time for that.

Q. Your favourite holiday destination?
A. Again, it’s not much holidays that I have. But yes, I had a very good three-four days vacation in Mauritius recently.

Q. Your favourite actor?
A. Guru Dutt.

Q. And actress?
A. Madhuri Dixit.

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