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Musical Reality Shows this week - Critical Analysis

The L'il Ustaad's or the Bade Ustaad's, they all provided the music lovers with an scrumptious melody treat and have left them all with only one expression – WOW!!!

Published: Monday,Jan 14, 2008 23:21 PM GMT-07:00
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This week, one thing the viewers can’t complain about is monotony! They were treated to a variety of music and some outstanding performances! The four shows covered some very diverse genres of music.

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SRGMP was back to its fun and drama free melody episode this week. Anamika gave another brilliant and flawless performance on the song Maiya Maiya. But it was “Totaram” Tanmay who stole everyone’s heart, not just with his songs but also by his antics. The only sad part was the elimination of Vibhore – a very unfair decision on the part of the public. Smita Nandi again failed to deliver. It was really amazing to watch the way these kids, Aditya and the judges were interacting among themselves bringing in very positive energy back into the show. By the way what was the purpose of the hair band donned by Shreyas!!

If it was the public who gave an unfair judgment to eliminate a contestant in SRGMP, then it was the judges who ended up doing so in SVOI. In the acid test, except for Vyom, none of the other three were up to the mark, but due to disparity in the marking by the judges, Mansi got eliminated. Friday VOI saw too much of drama and personal problems of contestants being dragged into. But Saturday’s episode more than made up for it with some really outstanding performances. The surprise package this week being Sonia! This show runs without any theme leading to lack of test of the contestants in different genres. The comment of Kunal to Ghulam Ali Saab that he is ready to pay whatever fee Khan Saab demands on behalf of Jayant as the kid comes from a poor background was too unrefined. Where voters are always blamed for showing regionalism while voting, it was too unfortunate to see the judges of this show promoting the same blatantly.

In K for Kishore this week the theme was “Ek mein aur ek tu” a duet theme and it was indeed very interesting. The songs selected were all chart toppers and the performances were much better than what we have seen before. The Indian Idol girls Ankita Mishra, Prajakta Shukre, Pooja Chaterjee and Aditi Paul gave a good back up support to some songs while they faltered in some. Milind Ingle made an impressive entry as a challenger well supported by Bela Shulake who has done many stage shows with Kishoreda. The final marking system is not very clear and it was quite confusing to see how the final score is calculated. Once again there was no elimination.

Mission Ustaad this week again made sure to keep the quality high. The theme this week was - Mother. It was one of the most emotional, thought provoking and overwhelming episodes that left one choked with emotion. This was one subject that captured the attention of even the ever elusive Rehman and made him more vocal. The performances were brilliant, the judge-participant interactions were thought provoking, the Brahmastra songs were very touching and the personal touches in the show highlighted one very big truth - Whether one is a celebrity or a common man, mother means and is the world to him or her.

This week majority of the shows were free of “unwarranted drama” and yet it could hold on to the public’s attention and left an impression there. One thing all the four shows that have in abundance is – talented participants. Their performances alone can create the biggest impression for the public even in the absence of personal information display or drama. All that is needed is selection of captivating themes, good performances and an enjoyable clean script which highlights the performances or musical strengths and not the performer’s personal life.

Author: Barnali

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author. For any information, please contact the author.

Jayant Ghulam Ali

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advil 15 years ago This is my last view herefor this week. For me CU is watchable only for Aishwarya and Anwesha. Rest all can be easily given a pass. As for LC i would say now its for Anamika & Tanmay.
And as far as musically ahead show goes I would say none can beat Mission Ustaad, a show all genuine music lovers are watching and should watch too.
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advil 15 years ago @Jaya:

1.Regarding Sonu : Seems you missed out my statement - This show or that show all have made digs at others. I have not said that Sonu hadn't done it.But so has Kunal. Regarding favoritism..??? well Sonu or Suresh ji, Pritam or Kunal or Shreya, they have all at different times shown their biasedness towards their favorite.So if one is guilty,then the whole bunch is.Then why pull out only Sonu?

2.I too agree that performance should be the top critieria in a show and viewers should focus on that. But if you think this so called extra toppings is diluting the SRGMP show then the overdone lumpsum dose of extra topping must bediluting the SVOI show as well.There is no shortage of drama, melodrama or overdramatic script in SVOI. Then how does that show get the clean chit? did not get the logic.

However, if performance sans drama is the only criteria to enjoy a show, then may be you should watch Mission Ustaad. That show is really an intelligent music lovers delight. It not only entertains ,but it makes you think as well.
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Anuradha 15 years ago I do agree to one point of what Jadoo bhaiyah had pointed out.. SVOI needs to improve on non-singing aspects and srgmp needs to improve on singing aspects.. This is something I thought of during the series for adults..

Well frankly speaking I want to listen only to songs.. It hardly matters for me if the channel house is performing drama or showing any AV.. Thats each of their marketing statergy.. Im no one to comment on it as im not a marketing person :P

This week svoi gave us some brilliant songs to hear.. I still listen to Aishwarya's ghazal.. She was damn good followed by Anwesha and Sonia.. Elimination of Rohit and Vibhore is a huge loss to srgmp.. Very few good singers are left.. Anamika, Tanmay and vasundhra should be the top three for me....
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glittering eyes
glittering eyes 15 years ago SRGMP is better than VOI!i think Sonu is a great judge.Tanmay & Amir r doing a good job.Adi rocksssss
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Rasny 15 years ago Lil champ: Anamika rocked on fri day and Tanmay rocked on sat day. Vibhore's elimination was shocked. coz smita was giving a weak performance and still she is in. Tanmay's jokes should stop from next week. coz it might cause irritation. i loved the both themes. adi is doing a great job and both judges r very fair with kids. now puplic should wake up and pick the real telent.
CU: Honestly i'm watching CU only 4 anvesha and aishwarya. 1st of all the host is irritating me while screaming the same word again and again after break. sarvuttam is over flowing every day. when abeer sings every one look at him with their mouth and enjoying his cuteness and giving him sarvuttam. even there is no theme at all, 1 sings gazal, another one sings item songs and so on. when ustad gulam ali saab was there all the contestants should sing gazal but they didn't. whats this kunal is gonna pay 2 khan saab? immature habbits of kunal. abd shraya was dancing, what she think abt khan saab? she might think he is a bollywood actor. oh...forgot 2 tell abt need 2 explain, they need a new cosume designer or need some more money 2 buy some gud cloths..

finally, i've been enjoying LC very much.
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advil 15 years ago @Jadooji,

Whether it is Sonu or Kunal or Aditya or Abhaas or The MU anchor(sorry forgot her name) or Rajeshwari or Babul - each one tells that their show is the best musical show on TV. Check out Saturday's VOI and see how many times Abhaas mentioned that SVOI is the largest and the best platform for singing. Its a part of any reality show. So Sonu is doing no extraordinary thing.

Well, SVOI's friday drama was too much to mention but saturday's gimmicks were nothing less. Vyom has to struggle for Dadi Maa, behen, Jayant's econonomic status, Ekbaal for areeb, Soniya's dad guarding borders raat raat jaagke, apne jaan jhooke mein daalke, ya keeping the camera focussed on Vyom's sister when she seemed postively uncomfortable on friday,these I think all qualify as sympathy catching tactics. Its even more sad because this channel had atleast 2-3 outstanding participants and the others are also pretty good. When there is quality why dilute that by gimmicks?

SRGMP singers may not each be anvesha but they are pretty OK too.Its definitely not so low in standard.If it was, its TRP would have surely taken a beating, which I doubt it has.

@Jaya: Making the kids wear eye catching costume is quite ok especially since it is a kids show, and it is always in keeping with trhe theme for the day,but subjecting them to mental trauma i think is not a very nice thing. Soniya is reminded of her mothers illness time and again, her father being in borders, Jayant being subjected to speculating eyes, or the pressure that is built up on Areeb due to his lineage, i think that has more of an effect on a childs psyche and innocence than colorful clothes. The themes so far has been innovative, and the childlike innocence is anyday preferred.I would rather hear Tanmay's jingles to hearing about someone's personal life.
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classy_guy 15 years ago Lil champs really rocked this week..Absolutely loved Anamika's performance..i didnt quite enjoy chote ustaad cos i found it a bit boring this week..but Soniya's performance was really good..

In my opinion Lil Champs is by far the best show..
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*Jaya* 15 years ago I am loving the Chhote Ustaad series... The contestants are of the highest calibre in the show and are giving brilliant performances week after week... This week Aishwarya, Anwesha, Sonya and Jayant were just too good... Great to see Ghulam Ali saab on the sets... The other thing, that I am liking is that the kids are getting treated as kids - the judges are encouraging them a lot, they are not getting dressed in any jarry costumes, and hence can focus on their singing... The other non-musical distractions that are being brought in the show are not required to hold the viewer attention is not required.. The Kunal Ganjawala act was completely uncalled for! The kids are as such very talented..... The best part of the show is that the kids are only improving every week and are taking the std of the show to another level, and they are doing that through their singing

Lil Champs had started on the promising note, but with the elimination of very talented singers like Rohit and Vibhore and Smita's performance degrading every week, its not able to hold the same audience attention.. Only Anamika is still performing consistently.. Hence, Sonu needs to remind the audience every week that their's is the best show.. The lack of quality singing in the show is being supplemented by going for jazzy sets and costumes, and the kids actually look out of place in that... Anamika was good this week in Maiyya Maiyya, much better than Mauli, but then Anwesha had taken the song to another level, I thought.. I think the kids need to sing more in the show and talk less.. That is actually distracting them from their singing...

No comment on the other shows, as I dont watch them...
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Sur_Sangam 15 years ago Both Saregamapa and Chhotte Ustad has been providing some great entertainment.Quality of singing in Chhotte ustad is top notch.Saregamapa has been very enjoyable. Quality of singing in K for Kishore has been improving with each episode. Amit Kumar giving the historical background of each song is very interesting.

One of the positive things coming out of public voting is that so many musical reality shows have sprung up. You can choose one according to your taste.
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SonPan 15 years ago Lil CHamps really rocked this weekend... formthe cont-themed- judges/host... everything was SOO good!! Thougt I dont watch the other shows cept for chote ustaad (but host ittitates mee) lol but I think Lil Champs is by far the best show!!!
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