More problems in store for Soni...

Soni in Maayka has her task cut out as her life has got thorny... Amidst this, Shilpa Shinde has been convinced to stay in the show for two more weeks...

As an aftermath to Shilpa Shinde’s decision to quit Zee’s Maayka, the channel and the production house have convinced her to give them two more weeks, so that they can make desirable changes in the story line to suit her exit.

According to our source from the production house, “Soni who has suffered burns will now get sympathy from audience. On the other hand, Cherry who has recorded Durga’s ghastly act of burning her daughter-in-law will start threatening Durga to get Soni out of their lives. Soni who is battling life and death is totally unwanted as Durga, Bua and Cherry are against her very existence in the house”.

So will the character of Soni be bumped off or not? We asked Sangamitra, Creative Director who said, “Shilpa is still shooting with us even now, hence we have not decided anything”.

However, our source tells us, “The track will take an interesting twist wherein Soni will become alright, but there will be instances shown where Soni who is burnt will be looked down by all, and Cherry will not leave any stone unturned to ridicule her”.

We talked to Shilpa Shinde to know about her future plan and the actress could not stop venting against the channel in particular. “I am very upset with the channel’s decision to shut down Waaris, and the reason they gave was poor TRPs. But the ratings were pretty decent given the time of 11PM”.

“The channel thinks they are God, and can shut any show down, or remove any actor. They are not concerned about the production house at all. In fact, every show is a baby of the production team, and such things should not happen”, adds an angry Shilpa.

When asked about her future, Shilpa states, “I will never work with Zee hereafter. I will be with them for two more weeks. I have a show coming up in DD which is at the pilot stages”.

Well, as Shilpa plans to move on, we need to wait and watch to know what happens next in Soni’s life…

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (25)

I hope she doesnt leave..I like Jeet-Soni pair

15 years ago

yarr i like soni nd jeet together...ita her wish if she want to stay as she''s right on her side...(the waaris thing)..anywaz thanx..

15 years ago

i agree with Shilpa Shinde, Waaris is a really nice show ..i wish she stayed in Maayka!
i wish she will chnage her mind...

15 years ago

I think Maayka should end and not Waaris!! lol
She looks and acts much better in Waaris anyways and its not as depressing as Maayka.

15 years ago

Hmm...don''t know what to say about this new twist in Maayka. So, this means that Soni is dying, she isnt getting replaced. To be honest, I think Shilpa''s actions are justified but shes making too much of a deal about it. She exaggerates A LOT. She''s been saying bad things about Maayka ever since Veer died, so I think that she should have left the show earlier. I will miss Soni, not too sure about Shilpa though. I don''t have anything against her, but her anger is starting to annoy me. I understand that Soni is byfar, THE WEAKEST CHARACTER EVER. Soni is REALLY weak, so I have to give it to Shilpa for playing it for a while. Anyways, good luck to her and hope her annoying anger gets cooled down.

@rainabow: I have to agree with you for some points. To be honest, I would NEVER watch Maayka if my Mahi/Neha wasn''t in it. Seriously, Maayka sometimes makes me depressed. Sometimes, its cute when it''s like Mahi and all, but when it comes to Soni''s family...ugh! Your last statement is EXACTLY whats in my mind.

''This show denigrates women and yet people eat it up because of Mahi. I wish Neha would quit too so people would stop watching this trash.''

^^Thats just whats in my mind. It''s all because of Mahi/Neha that this show is still on air. I take Maayka all because of her. I watch Maayka all because of her. I breathe Maayka all because of her. And about Neha quitting, I''m not sure about that because I won''t be able to see her then. It''ll take time for a new show to come with her, so I don''t want her to quit.

NOTE: My opinion is my views, I don''t mean to offend ANYONE.

15 years ago

i loved Waaris, i can''t believe it''s ending and shilpa is one hell of an actress!

15 years ago

Its her choice. I mean I see what she''s saying.
And in her other articles she was saying now she didn''t mind playing a weak character in Maayka because she was a strong one in Waaris. But I do get her thinking. Soni is showed very weak in Maayka and she doesn''t stand up for herself. I get how Shilpa doesn''t want to play a character who is consistently crying and not standing up for herself.
Im going to miss her in Maayka though, She makes a good pair with Romit Raj (Jeet)

15 years ago

I admire her least she is voicing her opinion..she is not acting goody goody she says what she feels...i think she is not interested in crying buckets of water every day like few actress...she had every right to quit the show..

15 years ago

i agree with shilpa, waaris is a really nice show but i wish she stayed in maayka!

15 years ago

totally agree with ya rainabow... all i have to add is good for her for taking a stand voicing her opinion!!!


15 years ago

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