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Micckie Dudaaney in a new avtar in Bhaskar Bharti..

Micckie who is popular for his negative character of Yuvraj in Saarthi has bagged a different role in Sony's Bhaskar Bharti..

Micckie Dudaaney who is a master at playing negative roles will now be seen in a different avtar in Sony's new show Bhaskar Bharti, produced by DJ's Creative Unit which launches today, on May 25th at the 9 PM slot.

The actor will be playing a gay designer in the company that publishes a high profile men's magazine – Man's Universe, and happens to be the colleague of Bhaskar (Eijaz Khan) who is the Editor there.

Says Micckie, "After playing notable negative roles in Saarthi, Paalkhi, Four and Champ, this is the first time I am offered something different. I play the stylist in the organization, and my screen name is Sunny. The guy has a feminine side to him, and is a typical gay. He is very bitchy and is a loud character". 

The actor was asked to tone down his body for the particular role. "I had put on lots of weight, and I was asked to look trimmer. I did a lot of swimming and cardio exercises to get back to shape", quips the actor.

Even though the actor is excited about his new avtar on screen, the guy misses the good old days of being the 'Bad Man'. "I really miss my physique as well as the negative roles I used to portray. I want to take up a negative role side by side", states the actor.

We hope audience likes Micckie in his new found persona…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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arjun-arohi 11 years ago This content is hidden.
* Unnati *
* Unnati * 11 years ago wow...will be nice to see him...he absolutelyy rock in wat a show was it!!!
BlessedSexyone 11 years ago ooooooooooooooo maybe he fancies Bhaskar hahahahahahahaha, that is interestin
khushix 11 years ago kewl!...its gona b so different seeing him play a different role!..sure gonna b funny! was good as yuvraj in saarthi...

all the best to him!..
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