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Meet the Mummys of the Boogie Woogie Mummy's Championship

A closer look at few of the contestants of the Boogie Woogie Mummy's Championship... Here they come to share their experiences with you..

Published: Friday,Oct 19, 2007 18:01 PM GMT-06:00
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Last week Boogie Woogie Mummy's Championship had the first round of elimination, where 30 mothers from all over the nation competed to fulfill their hidden desires of dancing. Ten out of the thirty were selected to go to the next round.

The Telly Buzz team talks to four of the ten contestants who compete for the winning title.


Meet the Mummys of the Boogie Woogie Mummys Championship
I am Sonali, from Kolkatta. I have a six year old daughter and a two year old son. My daughter is in Kolkatta with my parents, and I am here with my son, I am baby sitting and dancing, so it just gets hectic for me at times. My sister was a participant, but unfortunately she couldn’t make it to the top 10. I couldn’t make her stay here with me, so she’s gone back to Kolkatta. My husband passed away in the Tsunami, I guess everyone knows about it after the last episode, so life at times gets tough, but as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going… Hopefully my daughter should join me in a few days time; she’ll be there to cheer me in the next episode! The experience here has been great, the people here are extremely nice, we get to wear such new outfits, and flaunt in costumes, it feels great to be a part of this show!
Meet the Mummys of the Boogie Woogie Mummys Championship

Sonia Jaswal:

I am 29 year old, I am Sonya Jaswal from . I have an eleven month old baby girl. My parents are back home taking care of my baby. I have to say its all because of them and my husband that I am here today. I honestly didn’t think that I am going to make it till here. I just got three pairs of clothes to wear, because I knew I would be eliminated. I was so shocked to know that I am chosen for the next round, and now I am determined to win it. I have had no formal training in dance, it’s been a hobby that I always wanted to pursue, and I am glad that I’ve gotten this chance. Honestly, it was tough to face the camera before, but I’ve eventually got used to it now.


Meet the Mummys of the Boogie Woogie Mummys Championship

I am Suneeta from ; I am 39 years old, though I don’t look like a 39 year old old, atleast that’s what people tell me. I have done Kathak before, but I met with an accident and was injured with multiple fractures, so I couldn’t continue and I took a break, and was back to dance with learning Oddissi. Before I was abroad, and I have been living in from the last 5 years now. I have two daughters, a very caring husband back home, who have been very supportive to me to come this far. I’m having a great time here, and let’s see how far it goes. And about facing the camera, well, I wasn’t nervous, let’s just say that I have it in me to be a star!

Meet the Mummys of the Boogie Woogie Mummys Championship
Megha Javeri:

I am Megha, 34 years old. I have two daughters. I do not know any classical form of dancing, I used to dance as a kid, and I have got that in me from my mom. She is an excellent dancer. I am from Jai Hind college, Mumbai, I used to take part in the cultural events in college. I quit dancing after marriage. One day, I performed in my daughter’s school event, and the principle was very impressed and she asked me to come and begin teaching in her school, so now I am a part time dance teacher. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to let out my talent, I am having a blast here, with the make up, the costumes, the photo shoots, and all the attention, it just feels out of this world!

Wishing the mummies the very best. One can learn a lot from these ladies, who are striving at various ages to fulfill their desires. That’s what we call 'Living life to the core'.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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Dark Love
Madiha @Dark Love 16 years ago haha i had fun watching that. good luck to em!!
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 16 years ago Good luck to all the mummys participating in the competition!
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