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Meet the 'Gen Next' of Santaan...

Sudip Sahir, Gaurav Khanna and Daljeet Kaur represent the younger generation kids in Star Plus' new serial, Santaan. Here they are, talking about their roles..

Published: Tuesday,Oct 23, 2007 11:30 AM GMT-06:00
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Meet the Gen Next of Santaan...
Star Plus, in order to maintain its supremacy in the TRP Game has now added a family-drama, Santaan in its extended prime time slot. Set in the backdrop of Kanpur, this show will bring a slice of real life show, and the powerful storyline depicting the lifestyle of the younger generation, the conflicting values and morals between parents and their children, will be dedicated to all the parents who have overcome innumerable hurdles in life, sacrificed on their needs and luxuries, to give their kith and kin a life which is secure and bright in all aspects possible.

Joining the vast and spread out team of Star Plus are the 3 ‘Generation Next’ kids of Santaan – Sudip Sahir, Gaurav Khanna and Daljeet Kaur. Telly Buzz brings to you a sneak peak into the roles they play in the newly launched serial Santaan.

We first talk to Sudip Sahir who plays the Eldest Santaan..

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Meet the Gen Next of Santaan...
Tell us about your role in Santaan? “I play Kartik who is the eldest son in the family. He is a guy who simply adores his family and wants to be with them, and will go out of his way for them. He wants his brother to study well, and his sister to get married and Kartik wishes that he should be the guy who should take over the responsibility of the house, though circumstances make Kartik go away from his family.” Are you happy to get back to television after Jabb Love Hua? “I am really lucky to get this role, post Jab Luv Hua. I wanted to do something that was different, though Raghu was a different character, but I wanted some versatility in my projects. Then Santaan came my way, and I liked the family drama element in the show, and thought that I should really go ahead and do it.”

Next in line is the handsome hunk Gaurav Khanna, who got famous as Sharman in Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan..

Meet the Gen Next of Santaan...
First of all, we are all glad to see you back in Star. “Yes, I am glad that I am back.” Tell us about your role in this serial? “I play the character of Shubh, who is the younger son in the family. He is very much attached to his mom and adores his sister a lot. The extension to this is that he is very possessive about his sister. Shubh’s brother, played by Sudeep Sahir is the one that his father looks upto, he is the ideal son of the house. But Shubh is a carefree guy who does not think about his future. He is a bit loud, I would say, but very lovable. He is a guy who goes out and beats the guy who eyes his sister, but at the same time, he is there in the kitchen, helping out his mom in cooking”. Well, we see shades of Dhruv and Sharman in the story. Your look also suggests that you play and look exactly like Sharman. Your views? “Yes, I knew you would get to that.(laughs) I would say, if people loved me as Sharman, then this character of Shubh is similar to that, but if people did not like me as Sharman, then I would say, it is not near that.” So welcome back to play the second innings of Sharman. Your fans would love this. “Thank you so much, yes, I would rather love to be called as Shubh now.”

The Punjabi kudi, Daljeet Kaur, who impressed everyone, with her performance in Anuj Saxena's failed production venture Kulvaadhu, is back with a bang, in Santaan.

Meet the Gen Next of Santaan...
“Yes I am playing a glamorous modern girl in Star Plus, new daily soap Santaan, which debuted last evening. Since my character Suhana has had a very sheltered life, she does not know what the outside world looks like. Her elder brothers are always there to protect her.” Why did you take up this show? “It’s something completely different from Kulvaadhu. Here, I will be wearing latest western outfits, while in Kalvaadhu , it was only traditional. Similarly while Niyati was a very obedient daughter, Suhana is just her opposite.” She adds on to say, “Besides, our theme of parents and children relationship is universal. You can see similar scenes everywhere. This show also will help the youth to understand the hard work and sacrifices, our folks put, in rearing us. We should never forget or abandon our parents, as many people unfortunately do these days", she added. You are also doing Chhoona Hai Aasmaan ? "Yes, but I cannot talk more about my role. All I can say is that its very surprising role, which will test my acting talent to the hilt.”

Best of luck to the 3 Santaans!! We wish that the serial Santaan succeeds in touching the emotional chords of the masses, with its realistic storyline, that reflects the present day society..

Reporter: Anil Merani, Hiral Anju Bhatt, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Anil Merani, Srividya Rajesh

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Ammu @ammmu 16 years ago Wow, so interesting, I like all three of the actors!! Unfortunately i can't watch it :( may watch thru videos.. welcome back Daljeet and everyone.. thanks for the article!
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maha786 @maha786 16 years ago This content is hidden.
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Ekta @Eksie 16 years ago Thanks so much.. Good luck to all 3 - Sudeep, Gaurav & Daljeet. Hope the show does really really well for them..

I like Gaurav's character name - Shubh! :)
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Annesha Dhar @annie_25 16 years ago really cooll..ull 3 will rock for sure..
all d best!!
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saiyaa @saiyaa.sharma 16 years ago she is looking so sweet....and so young...
i think three of them are looking very good together. i liked the introduction of daljit and gaurav by sudeep...i think it was very cute...
kulvaddhu was my favorite show and became a huge fan of daljit.
its nice to see her back!!!!
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surakshita @surakshita 16 years ago The character names are different in the previous article in i-f?

They started the serial with a different style

It more or less reminds me the naunces of Kumkum Serial on Star Plus after the leap.

All the best to all the artists and team of Santaan

All the best to Gaurav too.
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--Pinky-- @--Pinky-- 16 years ago Thanks a lot for the article, wish them all good luck, hope the serial does well.
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