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Massive revelations to happen; "It will blow people’s mind": Close Source reveals...

Close Source spills the beans about Superstars and YRF's hidden projects! "Aditya Chopra wants to keep information of films under wraps, planning for a massive reveal": Shares a very close source...

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Aditya Chopra has always shown the industry how to reinvent the rules of the game and it seems like he wants to keep all information of his films under wraps till he doesn’t officially unveil his huge slate of films.

This came to light when Yash Raj Films deliberately stayed away from traditional film announcements all through last year and the impression bolstered itself in 2021 with YRF again not disclosing it’s biggest slate of movies despite several conjectures. 

A trade source has revealed to us,

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YRF is operating like Marvel Studios which doesn’t engage in conjectures and waits patiently to announce its massive slate officially and in the biggest manner possible. Look at YRF’s next slate of films. It certainly has the biggest line up of films and movie superstars but it’s operating at the highest level of discretion. While conjectures are flying around left, right and center, Aditya Chopra is waiting to announce his slate in a manner that will stop press. It is set to happen soon and it will blow people’s mind.

- Trade Source

The source also says,


YRF and all the superstars seem to be in agreement of the fact that discretion builds anticipation. If you see no actors of the unannounced projects are confirming any news related to them. The superstars and Adi are jointly planning the biggest splash for the slate and so everyone is participating for the big reveal. Today, if you look at the buzz of all the films, you will find all the unannounced YRF films to be right up there. Even the slightest leaks from the sets is making the biggest headlines. Discretion is definitely being an extremely potent formula for hype.

- Trade Source

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amardeep 4 months ago YRF is going through tough times, and these movies are not going to work. He is just testing waters after all YRF was blamed for Sushant's death a lot.
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RosyRosh 6 months ago Not entirely sure why YRF think they are even remotely close to Marvel level.
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