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Manav Gohil the New Saarthi in Bhumi's Life!!

Manav Gohil is back in business!! He enters the serial Saarthi as the new Saviour in Bhumika's life!. Read to know more...


The afternoon soap Saarthi is surely going strong now, with Bhumika all set to seek justice. But things can never go smooth in serials, aint it? While Bhumika’s sole goal in life is to put Yuvraj behind bars, she is caught in yet another whirlpool where she suffers a major ‘Identity Crisis’. The serial has now reached a point where Yuvraj and Gunvanti are poised to prove that Bhumika is Devika Parekh and not Bhumika at all. At this juncture of Bhumi’s life, enters Shyam… , played by Manav Gohil.

Manav Gohil who won accolades recently for his negative performance in Betiyaan Apni Ya

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Paraaya Dhan will enter Saarthi soon.. A very enthusiastic Manav quotes, “I am to enter Saarthi. I will play Shyam who is a court observer, ordered by the court to stay at Bhoomi’s house for 11 days. His motive is to find out the real identity of Bhumi and he will be asked to submit his report on this case. He will slowly see the affection between the mother and the kid, he will realize that the kid recognizes its mother and he will ultimately believe that the lady in the house is Bhumika and not Devika. Shyam will be smart enough to help Bhumika fight her way through this Identity Crisis.” On asked whether Shyam will turn out to be Arjun, who is another face change, courtesy plastic surgery, Manav laughs as he says, “Well, I have never thought of this possibility in the track. U never know. But as of now, Shyam will be shown to have a mysterious past. My role is just a cameo lasting for about 10-12 episodes. But this can be a character that might develop and grow as time passes. Let us wait and watch”, exclaims Manav..

The viewers will surely miss Arjun-Bhumika Jodi.. But the good thing as of now is that Bhumika has got Shyam entering her life as a 'Breath of Fresh Air". So what does future hold for Bhumika? Will Shyam be the answer for all her queries?. Watch Saarthi as all the drama unfolds..

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
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Manav Gohil Shyam

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sensitive lark
sensitive lark 12 years ago thank u.i had read abt jaya giving a cold shoulder to rani but i didnt know abt ash's frequent visits
bugs_bunny 12 years ago aish&jaya both giving her the cold shoulder????? always hated aish...but didn't expect jaya to do it!

srgmp_lover 12 years ago cant wait, looks awesome!! abhi-rani should have really gotten married off screen !!
yellowpurse 12 years ago u know i love them soooo much together and i really thought and wanted them to marry eachother...but that abhi married ash!!!!!x_x...and i don't think rani is bad enough to be having fights with ash and jaya.i think the rumours r fake.
vallanki 12 years ago there is a movie in similar concept in Telugu and other south langs. Rani and abhishek pair is qite popular. Looking forward to watch the movie
roro143 12 years ago this jodie roxxxxx......abhi and rani....not ....abhi and ash X_X
baby blush 8
baby blush 8 12 years ago lukn fwrd 2 watchn dis muvee ....i luv luv luv luv abhishek i wish he would divorce ashwaria n marry me!!!!!!!!
maha786 12 years ago thx for the article i really like the chemistry of our very own bunty aur babli wish them the best for their new movie seems really gud and the songs r mind blowing
~*puja*~ 12 years ago I'm looking forward to this movie, it seems to have an interesting story and of course, Abhi-Rani!
Angel39 12 years ago Cant wait to see this one
Abhi-Rani together again :-)
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