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Mamta going to end soon!

The final decision is taken; Zee's Mamta is shutting shop very soon. Here is the breaking news..

Published: Wednesday,Sep 19, 2007 22:22 PM GMT-06:00
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The serial Mamta is again in the limelight; A few days back Telly Buzz had reported about Narayani Shastri's exit from the serial and that while the rumours were abuzz about her being sacked, it was actually a mutual decision. Her character was supposed to be killed. Our sources have now confirmed that Mamta, indeed, is going to die very soon.
Mamta going to end soon!
But that is not all.  In addition to this, our sources reveal that the channel has decided to end the serial soon. The generation leap, numerous twists, the new star cast - none of them did anything for the limping TRP of the serial. Narayani Shastri's exit is probably the last nail in the coffin. The sources have often talked about the star cast of Mamta itself not being happy with the storyline. So the channel has finally decided to call the curtains on the show which had started with a novel theme of mother - child bonding and then, as usual, had gone astray.The channel has now decided to strike ‘Gold’ by introducing a new serial in place of Mamta. “The character of Mamta will meet with her death soon, and the serial is going to end on October 12th," confirms our source.

We just hope that the speculations end here, and Mamta ends on a good note.
And remember, you first read it on Telly Buzz!
Reporter: Sree
Author: Sree, Minnie

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IMILWAAKAOO @IMILWAAKAOO 16 years ago how come narayani shastri dies in all of her shreya creations serials...she died in piya ka ghar and now she is dieing in mamta. i think the production house like narayani dead at the end of thier shows....lol but thanks for informing.
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Ankita @anku2cute 16 years ago awww ths s sad...well sree di im reli sad for u :(
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manu @srkfan89 16 years ago thank goodness.. now zee can start airing meaningful shows for a change hopefully
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nimeelita @nimeelita 16 years ago Actually I want Parivaar to end. The heroine walks so slowly killing with her steps. The pace is so slow. The plot is contrived and the vamp looks like a street walker. The hero is so dashing and stylish and the heroine looks fat and in ugly salwar kurtas. Mamta is too dependent on Tanisha instead of developing a beautiful storyline between the estranged sisters over Krish.
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Nishtha @Nishtha 16 years ago well not even in my scariest of dreams i;ve expected this. As i dont watch any shows except Mamta and no actor except Andy..so amount of trauma and pain i am going through is beyond..the words..actually i dont want to express as well..as i know 90% people wanted this show to end..:( What to say...i know the show wasnt upto the mark..had bad budget..script everything,but i still wil miss Mamta no matter What!!

some people just garnish their own old story and serve it again with new actors and sets and ppl do accept it and shockingly appreciates it as well.

I dont know what others feel or say..I DINT like AND NEVER WANTED MAMTA to end.. the show could have been improved..and we should respect the Actors involved .

we should love and support someone and something without any reason..thats what about..feeling is and thats why we are Homo sapiens .lol

Andy we loved,adored and respected you in and as Akshay and more than..sure that you will continue rocking !untill then we will wait patiently..love ya
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Prestigious @Prestigious 16 years ago Glad that'll bring an end to Tanisha and her evil deeds!
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Leena @jigglypuff726 16 years ago like anita, i'm also crying. this show was an integral part of my life. i don't know what i'm going to do without seeing akshay & sid. :(
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Khadija @Kj09 16 years ago I m so glad they are finally ending this show. :D
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Mandy @mandy0310 16 years ago I lost interest in Mamta a long time ago, the storyline was no longer interesting
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Aviance Carrington @Aviance 16 years ago Too bad, but thank God it's been long over due. I just never got over loosing baby Krish, this will help me finally close the door on that cutie pie. :)
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