Love Ne Mila Di Jodi scores a century!

Star One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi completes 100 episodes…

Star One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms, which got launched in June this year, completes its 100 episodes.

Tellybuzz got in touch with some of the actors …

Gaurav Khanna aka Prithvi says, "The journey till now has been fabulous. It feels like I'm going to college everyday because not just the cast but the whole crew is of my age. So every day is hilarious. If there's an off some day the whole day goes boring. I really enjoy the my on-set company. We make a lovely bunch (smiles)."

Gaurav further adds, "Thanks to this show, I've learnt horse-riding which is like one of the minor achievements of my life. I'm glad that people find me decent when I'm riding a horse as I've heard that to look civilized when riding a horse is indeed difficult. I also am happy that I've got a challenging role. Prithvi is totally opposite to me. I like to smile when I'm talking whereas Prithvi hardly ever does that. It's nice to surprise people with different roles (smiles).

Perneet Chauhan aka Avni says, "It's really nice to know that my first show has completed 100 episodes. It has been a great learning experience. I'm totally in love with my character – Avni. I am very much emotionally attached to her. These 100 episodes also mean lots and lots of handwork. As everyone is aware daily soaps are not a comfy way of working. Today I can definitely say I've moved a couple of steps further ahead in live."

Furthermore Perneet says, "All of the emotional scenes that I do, always touch my heart. Especially the scenes with my onscreen mom (Sujata Sehgal) and onscreen sister Damini (Chandana Sharma) are truly heart rending. In any scene with them where I'm required to cry, real tears start flowing. The recent Damini wedding too was a superb experience. We all had a great time."

The show was recently reported to go off air but thankfully it turned out to be just a rumor. And going by the successful completion of 100 episodes it only feels the show's still got a long way to go…

Reporters: Ranjini Nair, Susan Jose
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (88)

The best show with the best couple ever . Miss You PriDa

11 years ago

Please some one get this show back.. i want all of them back.. miss them

13 years ago

I miss you soooooooooooo much, LNMDJ and PriDa:(pleaaaase come back!!!

13 years ago

I m agree wid sid4sidney coment.lnmdj was awesom show no one else now i hate my tv screan.mising lnmdj & specialy prida like hell.gaucha no1 rocking couple in whole world. Lnmdj &gaucha rock.

14 years ago

Yeh , missing this show and specially all of them. They marvelled the show. Many shows here are hit and best but we can rarely find best cast and superb chemistry between them but LNMJ was essence of everything. It was a MAGICAL show.

14 years ago

Lnmdj was awesom show n gaucha no1 couple.mising lnmdj n prida lotz.

14 years ago

I wanted it to stay LONGER!! come back please!!! :(

14 years ago

LNMDJ Rocks!!!!! GauCha Rocks!!!!!

14 years ago

hey nt jus 1 century...v want centuries to cum...........

14 years ago

Congratulations to all the cast and crew members..
This is undoubtedly the best serial on Star One and on television right now. This is the only serial that I am watching at the moment.

14 years ago

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