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Lookalike controversy at VOI: Are Toshi and Sharib same people?

Find out if Toshi VOI contestant and Sharib who participated in Saregamapa Ek Mai Aur Ek Tu are same people with different identity?

Published: Friday,Jul 13, 2007 15:32 PM GMT-06:00
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We all have grown up seeing and hearing the most famous Bollywood sequence of the reunion of brothers who were once separated in Kumbh Ka Mela. Well, something similar happened in Amul Star Voice of India but with a slight twist.

Toshi from Jaipur a participant in Star Voice of India has got striking similarity in looks with Sharib  who was a runner up in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Ek Main aur Ek Tu. Well, one would just brush aside this comparison but it went overboard when Star received huge amount of emails from the viewers stating that they feel cheated that Sharib had come once again to participate in the musical concert but with a new identity of Toshi.
Such was an uproar that Shaan had to call Sharib to the show and made him stand next to Toshi to end viewers’ dilemma that they are indeed two different people. Well those of you who do not know Sharib and Toshi are not twins. Sharib is 3 years younger to Toshi. 

Toshi who is struggling to enter Bemisaal 12 the next and important phase of ASVOI has sung beautifully Lagi Tumse Man Ki Lagan. But sadly, he is in the limelight not for his singing but for his looks.
Our Tellybuzz reporter Kirti contacted Toshi and he said "Well, I agree Sharib and I are not only similar in looks but also our way of talking, our singing style to a large extent is very similar. Even people who talks to us regularly will not be able to distinguish our voice easily. But I feel that our voice quality is different. I have got more force and depth in my voice while Sharib can sings songs that are low base. I am not uncomfortable with constantly being compared to Sharib as I feel the way people has appreciated Sharib in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Ek Main Ek Tu they will appreciate me in the similar manner. Just like him I will get people’s support and love and there is a greater challenge to live up to their expectations.
I really like Nusrat Ali Khan’s music. He is my guiding force and I love Sufi songs. Judges have really appreciated my singing today as I sang Lagi Tumsi Man Ki Lagan. Tomorrow viewers will see me singing an old song called Din Dhal Jaye of Rafi Sahib. I wanted my viewers to see that I am a versatile singer and can sing all kind of songs though sufi is my specialty. Insha Allah if things go fine you will see me in Bemisaal 12. "
To catch this action make sure to tune in to Star Plus on 13th July at 10 pm IST
Well for now lets recollect the movie, Jaan E Man where Akshay Kumar said "Every human being has 7 look alikes in this world".  7 people on this earth have the same face!  They share no blood line, they are not brothers separated at birth!  Just imagine, 7 people in the world look like Abhishek Bachchan!  So why fret over one who got married!  Girls, go hurry and find your Mr. Bachchan.
Author & Reporter Kirti

Abhishek Bachchan Akshay Kumar Ali Khan

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Ahmed @Too_Much 16 years ago Dont say that you enjoy ....simplt tell that you are not getting much offers
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afreen @-Afreen- 16 years ago she's good at dese kinda roles rather dan bubbly nd girl-next door ones..!
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tina srestra @tina_sre 16 years ago Both look same and both sings awesome...thankx 4 the article
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palchin @taintedangel 16 years ago LOL funny dillema they do look alike but their not the same person that clears audiences misunderstanding.
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Tooba fiaz @tumhari? 16 years ago well this does happen i share avery close resemblence to my aunt andi have seen poeple who are not related bbut still look very much alike.thnx for the article interesting but freaky
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Aishu @Terenaina 16 years ago I know a boy who looks like Abhishek Bachchan.

Also, my sister-in-law looks like Aishwarya.

So, I agree there are people that look alike in this world
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Dabulls23 @Dabulls23 16 years ago For god's sake they are brothers so got to have some similarities. LOL
They resemble at the same time one can differentiate Sharib to Toshi IMHO :P
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anonmember @anonmember 16 years ago Thanks Kirti.
Great article as always!
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Monica sidhu @Monica3 16 years ago omg thanks for the article MAJOR DILEMMA!! i use to think that he was sharib because they look ans also sound exactly the same!!!lmao
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Krupa @-Krupa- 16 years ago hehe..i used to think Shrib got some kind of surgery!..that clears my weirdo confusion!
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