L'il Champs - The nostalgic dance down the melody lane

In L'il Champs this week, watch a speechless Sonu, catch the Disco dancer shake a leg to a different tune, feel Amrita's dazzling charm and its effects - enjoy all the hungama..

Published: Friday,Dec 28, 2007 08:52 AM GMT-07:00
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This week SaReGaMaPa L'IL Champs show promises to be a special treat worth the wait. If it is going to be exciting for the participants and the audience then it is going to be extra special for Judge - Sonu Nigam. It will be an evening that will surely find its place in Sonu’s list of special moments of life. It will be a memory that he will cherish for a long time to come.

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On Friday, 28th Dec, the show will be dedicated to Sonu Nigam. The list of special guests for the evening – they all hold a special place in Sonu Nigam’s life. From his Dad Agam Nigam, to his cute little nephew Jasraj to his Guru - Ghulam Mustafa to his childhood “chadhdhi” friends – Bunty and Kailash, they all grace the sets of L'Il champs to make it indeed a Sonu Nigam special episode. From being shown footage of his first film as a child artiste, 'Pyaara Dushman' to having his Guru Gulam Mustafa visit him on the sets, Sonu couldn't help but feel overwhelmed when his 3-year-old nephew Jasraj, dressed in a white tuxedo, went up on stage to sing 'Kya Hua Tera Waada', the very song with which Sonu had begun his journey as a stage performer, Sonu’s emotions knew no bounds. After this emotional moment, Sonu’s childhood buddies made sure to make him laugh away while they narrated all the nostalgic tales of their college days. The final overwhelming moment for Sonu came when the team of L'il champs presented an AV they’d shot of all the music composers Sonu had worked with. Their glowing words of praise and affection served as a knock-out punch for an already emotional Sonu and he was left totally flabbergasted and bereft of words. In fact so chocked was he emotionally with the pleasant surprises that he asked for a moment to compose himself before concentrating on the shooting. From real life to reel life, Sonu relived every moment of his life fondly thus far. It was indeed the best gift Zee TV could have presented to the sensation called Sonu Nigam.

If Friday was an emotional roller coaster day, then Saturday Dec 29th is a sure shot “hungama” day with plenty of fun frolic dancing and masti. The theme for the evening is peppy numbers. The celebrity guests for the evening are Mithun Chakraborty, Amrita Rao and Nikhil Dwivedi , the starcast of the forthcoming film My Name is Anthony Gonzales. If Amrita dazzles in Zee's hot new color, purple, the Disco Dancer made a splash by turning up on a Chartered flight. Mithunda created a laughter riot when he danced to Vaishali’s rendition of “Laila Mein Laila” number and had the audience clapping and cheering for him. Vibhore tried impressing the lovely lady-Amrita Rao by presenting her a rose and made her dance to his tunes! On Aditya’s insistence, Sonu mimicked Remo Fernandes while singing “Humma Humma”.

If you want to catch all the action, the reaction, the hungama, the brilliant performances and feel like having a super duper fun time then remember to tune in to Zee SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs on Friday 28th Dec and Dec 29th Dec at 10 PM IST.

Author: Barnali

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neha28 14 years ago im sooo sad sahil had to leave yet again
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Vishala121 14 years ago i sooo wanted 2 watch tonights episode (fri 28th).....but to my luck,.,. cable had to break down....i feel like crying :( :( :( :( :( :( :( ...n whats making it worst is that i a HUGe sonu fan....so unfair
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music_rules 14 years ago i really want to watch this weekends....sonu's always the best
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advil 14 years ago sounds very interesting. Nice pics you have here.
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ammmu 14 years ago Arey, how chweet!! Wow, both episodes are going to be so good, can't wait to see them... thanks Barnalidi!
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divzzhere 14 years ago omggg adi lookz like one of the lil champz in that thing that hez wearin:P...but he lookz sooooooooooo cute, luv u adi, cant wait to watch:)

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behl 14 years ago sounds great can't wait to watch sonu.
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