Kumar Sanu compares Anuska Chatterjee’s spellbinding performance to a‘100-crore film

In the upcoming episodes of Sony TV's show India's Got Talent, Kumar Sanu will have an interesting take on Anuska Chatterjee's performance.

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Anuska Chatterjee

Sony Entertainment Television’s talent reality show, India’s Got Talent, is gearing up for yet another exciting weekend with the Top 11 contestants in the ‘Party Special’ episode! Bringing in the fun and glam quotient to this ‘party of talent’ will be ‘Neha Kakkar’, and the esteemed judges panel of Indian Idol 14, Kumar Sanu & Vishal Dadlani.  

 But it was the jaw-dropping act by the young and talented Contortionist, Anuska Chatterjee from Kolkata, that left everyone spellbound. Giving an eerie twist to the 90s classic ‘Ek Din Aap’, sung by Kumar Sanu himself, Anuska will deliver a mesmerizing acrobatic performance. 


Amazed by Anuska’s act, Kumar Sanu couldn’t contain his excitement and exclaimed, “In just three minutes, you unfolded a blockbuster movie, mounted on a scale of Rs 100 crores. Your performance left me questioning if you have any bones in your body. It was simply mind-blowing! To be honest, I’ve never witnessed a concept like this before. Hats off to your brilliant choreographers who conceived this ‘Haddi-Tod romance’. Your creativity truly knows no bounds.”

 Vishal Dadlani lauded Anuska & choreographers Pratik and Paul, expressing, “You managed to infuse a dark and unexpected twist into a classic romantic song, something no one could have imagined. What made this performance absolutely remarkable was the conflicting emotions it evoked. It’s a romantic song, yet you added spine-tingling elements to it. Anuska, your flexible movements, coupled with the concept and song selection, collectively made it an unforgettable performance.”

Moved by the performance, Judge Badshah will go on stage to show his utmost respect to Anuska’s choreographers by touching their feet and said, “Ek Din Aap holds a special place in my heart. This performance ranks among the most unforgettable and memorable performances I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. I must emphasize that it was a mind-blowing act. The way you collectively brought this act to life is a testament to the extraordinary talent that defines the landscape of Indian reality shows. I take immense pride in saying that what Indian television accomplishes, no other television industry in the world can match. It’s safe to say that it will take them another 5 to 10 years to catch up to our level. God Bless you, Anuska.”

Are you looking forward for the upcoming episode of the show? 


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