Kshitee Jog looking for her Mr. Right?

Saraswati from Zee TV's "Betiyaan" rues her single-dom as she dismisses rumors that she is in love with the director of the show...

So what if you are an actor, love still hurts!!! Kshitee Jog, famous for her role as Saraswati in Zee’s Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan is going thru’ a major heartbreak these days. Rumors were abuzz in the industry that the young girl was having an affair with her director. Telly Buzz caught up with the actor to know more.

It was alleged that Kshitee was going around with the director of the show but in the recent past things haven’t been hunky dory for the young actor as the director has decided to move on with his life, leaving Kshitee to cope up with the disastrous end of the relationship. As a result, one finds her completely reclusive and withdrawn on the sets. When we probed to know more, Kshitee retorted, “That’s all untrue. I am just good friends with the director, and there is nothing more between us. It’s just a rumor that is making rounds in the industry. In fact, it has been going around since the start of the show. I agree that we have become good friends in a short span of time, but that does not mean we are having an affair.”

It is rather ironic but with Kshitee going thru’ a rough patch in her real life, her reel life is also about to take a similar turn wherein something tragic is about to happen to her. The actress gets a chance to vent out her frustration thru’ her character Saraswati. When asked about this change in personality, Kshitee replies, “Right now, we have revealed the truth about Bhavishya and all four sisters and our mother burn him up. It’ll be an end to all his evil ways and an end to his track too. There will the courtroom drama since I am condemned but my family is there to support me.” It is also heard that the creatives are looking for a known face to play a very important cameo in the coming episodes.

Although Kshitee has a happy marriage and very supportive husband in the show, the actor is still on the look out for her Mr. Right. We wish her luck and hope her handsome prince comes along her way soon.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Melanie

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omgg......she's one of the few and perhaps first people tht have bragged bout themselves in an interview!!!
tell me this: she doesn't know how to swim, yet she did amaazingg and thrilling underwater stunts??
gud luck to her tho....hopefully ppl accept her new avatar..and i think the psycho or drug-addict role will look nice on her....
thnxx fr the article

16 years ago

Poor Kshitee... No-one deserves these rumours to mess up ones life... glad she has stood her ground!

Seems like there will be more upheavel in her reel life... =(

15 years ago

Yes, that rumor has been going on in articles since ages. :S Glad that's cleared.

What? They'll burn him? Eww :S

15 years ago

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