Krutika Desai Opens Up About Her Character in Mere Angne Mein....

Krutika Desai to seen in Mere Angne Mein, talks about her character and show in a candid chat with TellyBuzz

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Talented actress Krutika Desai who is known mostly for playing negative roles, has made a comeback with Sphereorigin's show Mere Angne Mein on Star Plus.

We got in touch with Krutika to know about her character and more.

Tell us about your character?

My character on this show is of a dominating matriarch of the family, who is a big drama queen. The background is that she has become a widow when her children where very young and so she has struggled a lot for the upbringing of her children and that's why her children love and respects her a lot. This show is more concept driven and not character driven, it's about hypocrisy in a democratic country.

The audience will witness the clash between the grand daughter in law Riya Mathur (Ekta Kaul) and grandmother Shanti devi because Riya is a very democratic girl who believes in equality whereas Shanti Devi wants to maintain her power on everyone so that she is not neglected. She is a fun character as she is not dark or evil but has her own ideologies which clash with the younger generation.

Your show has been allotted 5.30 PM time slot, so do you think that it will be able to get the viewership like a prime time slot show?

A show makes a time slot is what I feel. Like for example if a show is on a prime time slot but has a poor story line, then the show gets pulled off. So it's not the time slot which matters, it the show and its concept matters and this show will make the 5.30 time slot.

What are your expectations from the show?

I have a lot of expectation from this show; this is for the first time a channel has tried to do something as huge as this. It will be 6 days in a week, one hour daily, it's a four camera setup and I feel that it has never happened on Indian television before. It's a very huge step and I like the whole flavor of the show!  The director is very good and it will be fun to watch and it will bring smile on everyone's faces. Shanti devi is somebody that people will laugh at also, empathize also, they will sympathize with the other characters also but they will love watching her.

All the best Krutika Desai!

Neha Jain



Krutika Desai Ekta Kaul Mere Angne Mein  Star Plus 

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sheet_leher 5 years ago The show is very authentic... I have caught up with a few of its episodes... And I watch it only for you Dadi!! You strongly remind me of someone...!! :D
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kandygrover 8 years ago caint wait for it because ksg has a cameo in it..finally get to see him again
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