Khushaal Pawaar "Since childhood, I used to observe all these characters like hawkers,"

Khushaal Pawaar draws inspiration from street hawkers for a recent social media video

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 Khushaal Pawaar

Actor Khushaal Pawaar,  recently seen in Amazon MiniTv's 'Constable Girpade,' has taken to social media to share a nostalgic video featuring various street hawkers. Khushaal discusses the inspiration behind his portrayal of these everyday characters and sheds light on the importance of keen observation in acting.

"As an actor, it is important to observe things. Kisse kya character le sakte hai, kya tone le sakte hai," remarked Khushaal, emphasising the significance of drawing inspiration from real-life experiences. He delved into his childhood memories, recalling the presence of hawkers in his neighbourhood. 

"During my childhood, all these characters, like hawkers, used to come to our lanes, and since that time, I have observed things like their way of walking, talking, and the things they carry. Their way of calling out the customers," Khushaal explained. 

The actor also shared a heartwarming anecdote from his past, revealing how he once imitated a bhelwala who visited his neighbourhood. "I remember once the bhelwala had come, and I had imitated him the exact same way, roaming around the society to sell bhel, and that very day he had good sales. Later, the bhelwala praised me and gave me one plate of bhel for free," he recounted. 

The video has gained 500k+ views on the social media platform, with many fans praising Khushaal's talent for capturing the essence of street vendors and transporting fans back to the bustling streets of their childhood.

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