Khotey Sikkey, the next big launch on Sony..

YRF is back with a bang, and it will be their unique concept, Khotey Sikkey that will be the first fiction launch on Sony in the New Year..

YRF is back again on the small screen with their next unique venture Khotey Sikkey which is the story of five affluent youngsters and an honest cop who walk on the path of eradicating urban crime in the society.

The show which will air on Sony will trace the lives of these five grown-up individuals who are into drugs, use a lot of weapons, drive fast cars, party a lot and interact with people who are involved in nefarious activities.

Our source states, "The story of Khote Sikkey will open up when all these five people are locked up in jail for committing one or the other crime. This is when the cop realizes that these people have the money, power and the approach to get to the notorious people creating a menace with urban crime. The cop then forces these youngsters to help out the police in wiping out crime from the city".

YRF team has shot for the show in real-life situations and the episodes have come out well.

Hasan Zaidi who was part of YRF's and Powder comes back to the small screen with a lead role in the show. The other four leads are relatively new to the small screen.

Our source states, "Hasan plays the character of Mohit who is a complete alcoholic, and a street car racer. He is one character who buries a lot of anger within him, as his girl friend is in coma due to a mishap that he committed earlier. Then you have Puru Chibber who essays the role of Hameer Rizvi who is an out and out gambler. Dilkush plays the role of Delnaaz who is totally into drugs. Sukhmini Sadhana plays Uttara who is a typical recluse and does not like to be in a company. Mark Parikh essays Ayush who is a computer hacker. The role of the honest yet adamant cop is played by Vikas Kumar who was earlier seen in Powder".

Khotey Sikkey is expected to launch on January 21st and will be a bi-weekly, airing on Friday and Saturday.

This product from YRF appears to be the hottest property on Sony Entertainment Television right now, and we are sure viewers would await its launch..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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YRF definately needs to come back with season 2 for RISHTA.COM
i mean come on ..everything about that show was freaking perfect! I loved it!!!!! And i miss it very much! so please yrf, make a season 2 for :)

13 years ago

was waiting for sum show like dis1!

13 years ago

Thats gr8.. looking forward for the show..!!

13 years ago

Sounds interesting....but please bring back! Come onnnnnnnnn Sony/YRF!

13 years ago

lookinh forward 4 new series pllz
bring RISTA.COM back

13 years ago

this one will be good...YRF's previous series were good

13 years ago

Mark Parikh is back! Loved him Mahi Way!

13 years ago

Finally YRF is back wid other shows.. loved all their previous shows.. Missing those like anything!!
I hope sony treats it better this time!!
Wow!! Vikas kumar (jagdale) from powder is back!! good to see him... this man has sooo much potential..
All da v v best to d show..

13 years ago

YRF should come back with seven season 2

13 years ago

promo looks nyc and promising ...wish them all the best

13 years ago

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