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Kettan Singh: Anjum & I Have Zero Expectations From Each Other!

In an exclusive conversation, Kettan Singh spoke to us about getting typecast in the Indian industry, his take on web series, reality shows, relationship with Anjum Fakih and much more…


In an exclusive conversation, Kettan Singh spoke to us about getting typecast in the Indian industry, his take on web series, reality shows, relationship with Anjum Fakih and much more…

You have been very selective with the shows, and taking up a specific genre only, is there any specific reason?

No it is not like I do a specific genre. Because I started out with comedy, so the initial line was with comedy. In Television, I started off as a comedy writer and then later because I was good at it, they also asked me to act. But in my Marathi film which came out last month, Vicky Velingkar, I was a serious cop and there was no comedy element. 

Do you feel that Indian Television typecast the actors? 

Yes. In Hollywood, Robin Williams did both comedy and serious roles very well. So that is very less here. The last actor I remember here is Mehmood, who did Kunwara Baap. The producers never limited him only to comedy but now this thing has reduced a lot. In Shankar Jaikishan, this was the biggest thing wherein my range was comedy but at the same time there were three characters and because of the mom angle, there was also an emotional drama which is why I enjoyed doing it a lot. 

Is there anything interesting you'd like to explore in the work front? 

Films. Till now I have done four films, one didn’t get release, two didn’t work well and one is a marathi film which is an above average film. 

Your take on web series?

I am in talks with a few people, let’s see. 

Web series feature a lot of bold content.  Are you open for that? 

If the web series is promising only bold content, then I am not comfortable. Like there is bold content in Mirzapur, Sacred Games but in that, they have not given the bold scenes the main priority. No one is watching Sacred Games for the scene, they are watching because of a story-line. 

You have recently been in news for relationship as well. It was a shock to all the fans, how did that begin?

First of all, it was a shocker for me as well, I didn’t know how did this news come out. Secondly, I haven't spoken to my family about it, so it was more like an introduction to Anjum for them. So everyone first got upset that I never mentioned it and second they were skeptical because when they started researching about her on Wikipedia, it shows that she is a rebel, she is this, she is that, but I know her better.

Are you open for any reality shows?

I have always been interested in music and musical shows. I can play the guitar,  a little bit of piano. I have been interested in music since childhood. But over the years, I don’t understand the direction in which reality TV is going, it’s a little difficult to understand. 

 What are your take on reality shows then?

My take on reality shows is that I want the dancing shows to focus more on dancing than the drama it has. It might be getting TRP, there should be a little masala in the middle but see in a singing show , the singing is for two minutes and then in the middle there is other content like drama. 

What is your relationship status with Anjum? Since how long are you guys dating?

We know each other since I posted the red carpet image from Zee Rishtey Awards 2018. We have been talking to each other more frequently since last April. 

What’s your plan now next? Is marriage on the cards?

Nothing like that. We like being with each other, there is a comfort zone that we share which is more than a friendship. Right now, there are zero expectations. She got zero expectations of me, I got zero expectations of her and zero expectation is the secret of happiness. 

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