Kat and Akki: Projects & Squabbles!

Director Vipul Shah is creating a sequel to his movie 'Singh is King', which proved to be an average...

BollyCurry has gotten word that director Vipul Shah is creating a sequel to his movie 'Singh is King', which according to critics proved to be an average movie. Shah has roped in two famed actors of the Bollywood industry, Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, for Singh is King 2, as he felt that it was necessary for both to be present in the much awaited sequel. Apparently, SIK2 will be created on a larger scale than SIK, with the script already written to start shooting.

On the other hand, while 'Singh is King 2' is still under way, Akshay and Katrina have already completed shoots for Priyadarshans' 'De Dana Dan'. It is already obvious, the friendly relationship Akki and Kat share. However, recent tiffs between the two have caused the actors to reveal secrets about each other that the latter may not have wanted revealed! What kind of secrets, you may ask? Well, let us just say that, while Akki is "phone" obsessed, Kat is "looks" obsessed!

Secrets aside; Singh Is King 2 is set to begin shooting in 2010; while 'De Dana Dan' is ready for it's release on the big screen, November 27th 2009!

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Akshay Kumar

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Katrina Kaif

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Vipul Shah

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Singh Is Kinng

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