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Kareena Kapoor Brutally Bashed for Posting Saif Ali Khan- Taimur's Haircut Pic

Trolls Slam Kareena Kapoor Khan for posting husband Saif Ali Khan cutting their son Taimur Ali Khan's Pic...


Rishi Kapoor recently left for heavenly abode and his sudden demise soon shocked everyone. While the whole nation was mourning the sudden demise of renowned actor Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor news came as another shocker.

While the loss was a huge one for the film industry, it was an even bigger loss for their families and its very difficult to understand the pain of the families at such times.

On April 30, 2020, Rishi Kapoor breathed his last and his niece, Kareena Kapoor Khan too expressed her loss by sharing a cute pic of her Chintu uncle and her father, Randhir Kapoor from their childhood. She along with her husband Saif Ali Khan was also among those present during his last rites.

However, as she shared an adorable picture of Taimur Ali Khan getting a haircut by Saif Ali Khan, the trolls came out to play.A quick scroll down the comments will show you many trolls attacking Kareena, such as, “Your family had such a big loss just a few days ago. How can u joke even?” or “aren’t u supposed to be mourning? Should’ve respect that by not posting anything on ur ig as if nothing happened.” We think these judgmental trolls should learn to live and let live.

This is a clear example of grief shaming, and absolutely no one gets to decide for them the way people deal with having to lose a loved one.Losing someone close to them can leave a void in their life, and that cannot go away in a specified number of days. No one is allowed to tell people how to grieve, not even the ones who have suffered through a similar loss.

Having said that, Kareena Kapoor Khan made sure she paid her respects and bid Rishi Kapoor farewell. And if posts on social media are proof of grief, she even shared several posts and videos remembering him.

We need to come to terms with the fact that for a lot of people, sharing happy pictures, trying to find little joys at such times is a coping mechanism, and the last thing they deserve at such a devastating time is for them to be judged.

Even if it was a day, a month or a year, Kareena Kapoor Khan has the right to feel how she feels, and post what she wants to without being judged by others for doing it.


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View all 1 months ago Sonam Kapoor had her grand wedding two months after Sridevi's death. It was a young tragic death in their family still the entire family went ahead and celebrated.
Neonholic 1 months ago Sometimes i really wonder like who had done their (trollers) upbringing their parents their guardian or a donkey ! Like this doesnt make any sense. She is sharing a pic of a cute moment of her husband and baby with these people and these people are asking her to mourn for the whole life !! Even donkey's "dhechu dhechu" makes sense but these trollers !!! Lmfao !
..Kavi.. 1 months ago People are so ridiculous! The world doesn't stop if someone dies. And while some may find this callous, when an elderly person is so severely sick for so long you do kind of come to terms with the fact that the end may be near. That's how our minds rationalize things to allow us to function and survive. Laughter really is the best medicine.
ishan2003 1 months ago Again some of these people need a reality check. Grief is personal, and people can't sit and mourn forever. Laughing and smiling is the best way to get past the horrid situations
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