Karan Grover becomes 'Kay Jee'

With the industry flooded with Karan's, Karan Grover of Saarthi fame has decided to change his name to 'Kay Jee'...

When Karan Grover came into the limelight with Star Plus' Saarthi, he was one of the only few 'Karans' present in the industry. But now, with the first name becoming very common, our very own Karan who is presently seen in Sahara One's Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki has decided to call himself by a different name!!

Talking about his decision, Karan tells Telly Buzz, "I was having a random coffee conversation with my friends when this idea hit upon me. All around me including my family and friends call me KG. Even my niece calls me with the same name; so have decided to change my name to 'Kay Jee', and this is the way in which I will be spelling my name".

"I am now bored of being called Karan. When I started my career, I guess it was me and Karan Johar who shared the first name (smiles). But it is not the case now. So call me as Kay Jee from now", adds the actor.

Well, mark the change folks, and make sure Karan is addressed as Kay Jee from this moment..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Karan Johar

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Karan V Grover

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OMG I thought it was KSG... BTW Shraddha even calls Karan 'KG' looks like he may have to look for another name

14 years ago

hi. i m big fan of kg. i m also happy for kg because karan grover & kavita kaushik r dating again. god bless them. keep smiling.

14 years ago

i thought it was KSG aka Armaan..but guess not!

14 years ago

ppl ppl, this is not good.i thought it was ksg 2. he is the only karan i actually think of whenever i c this name. n also shraddha calls karan KG - pronounced the same, this is so out of line. there is only one true Karan grover.

14 years ago

i thought it was KSG aswell otherwise i dnt even know this guy forget reaid raticles about him lolz
hes no where near KSG he shud change his anme lolz

14 years ago

gosh wat a joke n true everybody n even me gets confuse wid karan singh grover n karan grover coz ksg addresses himself by karan grover

14 years ago

Kay Jee??? :s
But yes, there are like millions and millions of Karan in the TV industry. :p
and yes, everybody confuses him with Karan Singh Grover..

14 years ago

i thought they were talking about Karan Singh Grover which is the only reason why i read this articlee.

14 years ago

LMAO . He does need a change in name , too many people confuse him with KSG .

14 years ago

i thought it was KSG =(..lol i got so excited.
lol but KSG would never call himself Kay Jee

14 years ago

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