Kanya and Ranbir in a pre-marriage clause?

Sony's Kuchh Is Tara will see a new twist very soon, wherein the woman hater Ranbir is put thro' a tough situation by Kanya. Will Ranbir accept Kanya's conditions, will they get married?

In an unexpected turn of events in the serial Kuchh is Tara, you see the dilemma faced by the woman-hater Ranbir(played by Akashdeep Saigal), as he is left with no option but to marry Kanya, who he hates the most.

Guru(played by Aamir Ali), Kanya’s saviour has created a situation wherein he has kidnapped Ranbir’s nephew Aayan. Ranbir for the first time, is at the receiving end, and knows not what to do…

Ranbir, who hates the very concept of marriage, is forced to bend down to Kanya. But Ranbir points out that this is just a marriage of convenience for him. This gets Kanya agitated, and she too wants to get into this bond of marriage so that she will help her dad get a groom for her younger sister, thus relieving him of this burden.

Kanya realizing that this is the opportunity to avenge Ranbir's bad behavior and humiliation towards her & her family lays down a pre-condition to the marriage. Herein starts the conflict, hatred, revenge between two very different people, Kanya, a simple middle class girl who believes in love and relationship and just the opposite Ranbir Nanda, a millionaire, who hates everyone except himself and holds no value for relationships, emotions, love…

Will Ranbir accept Kanya's pre-marriage conditions? Watch out the intense drama in Sony's Kuchh Is Tara...

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This is a bit like kutumb, but its still fun to watch

16 years ago

it only gets better from here on

16 years ago

I JUS LOVE AKAASHDEEP SEHGAL AS RANBIR NANDA. he's simply too good!!!nobody cud hav done this character betr than him.....

16 years ago

it is a bit similar to kasam se but more similar to tumhari disha (but then of course not nearly as serious)

16 years ago

ill tell u how its diff.. jai loved pia.. ranbir loves himself.. jai took revenge where as bani was more quiet.. kanya will take revenge and ranbir WILL NO WAY NO HOW stay quiet.. bani loved pushkar.. no way related to jai even tho SAID TO BE like HIS SON.. ayaan is his nephew whom kanya loved but now HATES THE SITE OF!! so many diff..

16 years ago

yay RANYA forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
im sooooo excited
this is the BEST show on tv rite now well best show on sony

16 years ago

ok... this is REALLY annoying me! there are SOOOOOO many grammatical errors here! GRRRRRRR

but the article is good =D

16 years ago

OMG we FINALLY have an article on KIT after it started lol Thankuuuuuuuuu TB team *hugs* OMG I can't wait for these two idiot to get married heeeheeee man i loveeeeee this show :) so much better than everything else on tv rite now ^_^

16 years ago

yup it sounds like kasam se...if forgot abt that show a while ago...bur thanks for the article!!!can't wait

16 years ago

How is this different from Kasam Se in its glory days except for the cast?Two unsimilar people get married for different reasons, they hate each other, then slowly start falling in love. Same formula, different people. And in 6 months it will degenerate the same way KS did...

16 years ago

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