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K for Kids--A delightful culinary Experience!

Chef Shipra welcomes enthusiastic kids on the new show K for Kids who are curious to learn as well as show their culinary talent on the FoodFood channel…

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A majority of kids don't know French fries come from potatoes! Or that ketchup is made from tomatoes. Many children even don't have a basic understanding of where food comes from. But if they are inspired to step in to the kitchen and cook a meal from start to finish, they will discover that some of their favorite foods come from fruits, vegetables and other "real" products.

K for Kids-- A brand new show especially created for kids' launches on FOODFOOD, India's No 1 food lifestyle channel, every Sunday, at 1.00 pm. An innovative cooking show, jointly with Kissan, is based on health and nutrition, created for the kids, by the kids and of the kids, in the age group of 7 to 10 years. The show will help children develop cooking skills, while demonstrating how to make easy, irresistible, delicious recipes. The show, anchored by Chef Shipra Khanna, the winner of Master Chef India 2, will have a bunch of enthusiastic kids, each week, featuring different original recipes that children will learn to make themselves.

"This specially created kiddies' show has taken a more mischievous and scientific approach to things. What sort of food makes you fat? What turns you green? What is the nutritious value of leafy monsters? This is the sort of stuff that children thrive on, opening up their enquiring little minds. Hopefully, these kids, by the end of each episode, will know how to cook; and realize just how much fun cooking can actually be," said SK Barua of FOODFOOD."

Against the backdrop of a bright vivid cafe kitchen sets, Chef Shipra and her entourage, will cook up very, very simple food for those eternal fussy eaters. Imagine enjoying a yummy Ragi roll with a delicious fruit spread! In between cooking there's going to be a lot of rhyming, singing and bizarre fun and masti.

While cooking for adults and with adults seems a pass on TV, cooking along with kids and for kids, their favorite food, seemed to be a lot more uplifting and encouraging. Sure there will be some precocious flourishes here and there, but that's a part & parcel of a kid's world!








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KaranSG_01 6 years ago shipra khanna is the most beautiful chef.
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moviemechine 9 years ago "right here right now" was amazing and "Dum maro dum" is excellent.
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Nisha_90 9 years ago All the best Abhi :)))
i lovedd RHRN one...its pretty rockingg
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alishaL786 9 years ago good luck Abhi Smile Smile
right here right now was amazing! LOL
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armdev 9 years ago I like them social network
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-BlueSwitch- 9 years ago I find him to be a good singer!
Go launch it Abhi!
We luv u! <3
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Wings-of-Fire 9 years ago loved right here right now. hope this new song does well too.
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