Jugal Hansraj graces Indian Idol 4 Rubaroo

The actor turned director recently was invited as a special guest cum judge on Indian Idol 4 Rubaroo where he had a gala time on the sets...

Kick starting the first episode of Indian Idol 4 Rubaroo is a very special guest; the chocolate boy who stole millions of hearts with his debut in Masoom years ago, Jugal Hansraj. The actor turned director grooved on the stage with the contestants and hosts, Chang and Deepali in the Rubaroo episode.

"Jugal directly joined Chang and Deepali as he was 10 minutes late for the shoot. After a little chit chat with the host, our actor turned director got together with the contestants for a little rubaroo," says our source from the sets.

The participants were very much excited to have the director of Roadside Romeo with them. "Many contestants performed for Jugal. One of them danced, one played great music with tabla and another was fantastic with the guitar. Jugal was in jolly mood as he watched the contestants perform mimicries and crack jokes", reveals our source.

Jugal was very much impressed by the gesture of these aspiring singers and decided to gift the best performer. "The winner was one of the girls, Bhavya Pandit who sang and played the guitar for the song Namak ishq ka from Omkara. Jugal gave her an Audio CD of Roadside Romeo," quips the source.

"Last but not the least, Jugal promised that he will be soon giving all of them the audio CD of his upcoming movie," adds the khabroo.

He interacted with judges as well as contestants on the show. A perfect ending to the show was the stunning Laila grooving to the music accompanied by her heartthrob Romeo.

Meet Romeo and Laila along with their director -Jugal Hansraj only on Indian Idol Rubaroo this Thursday 23, 2008 at 7.30 p.m. and 10.00 pm. only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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no offence but i dont watch half of the bolly movies cause u guyz have kisssing scenes i mean cmon dey cant even kiss properly and its so awkward and the skin show is so true nowasays all of them wear such low cut tops and mini skirts disgusting and the indian pop music is so low class copying all the rnb tunes im am so disgusted that i dont listen to ne sad tunes or watch movies which are a direct copy of hollywood im with u a 100 percent hope this county start acting up

15 years ago

aww Jugal is so cute, I love him.Can't wait to see this!

15 years ago

cool..cant wait...lol...romeo n laila lukz cute

15 years ago

awwww...the life size romeo and laila are so cute!

15 years ago

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