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Telly Buzz brings to you, a Weekly Review of the Celebrity Couples' Dance Competition, Nach Baliye!

This week saw not just the jodi's competiting against one another..but also the judges battling it out! The theme for Week 6 of Nach Baliye was - Judges Baliye! The jodi's were divided into teams of 2, with each judge as captain of the team!

The 3 teams were - 'Vaibhavi ka Vaar' with Karan-Amita & Kashmera-Krushna.. 'Ishaa ke Iraade' with Aamir-Sanjeeda & Sweta-Alex, and last but not the least, 'David ke Daav-Pench' with Rakhi-Abhishek & Pooja-Hanif! The 3 judges were given the task to mentor each of their jodi's and bring out the best in them! So who did what..lets find out!

To begin with, there were performances by all 3 judges! Yes..including David Dhawan!! Vaibhavi Merchant rocked the stage with the fast paced 'Nach Baliye' (the filmi one!), Ishaa set the stage on fire with 'Rangeela Re'..but the best moves came from David Dhawan to the title track of his recently released blockbuster, Partner! Needless to say, David Dhawan looked ADORABLE! Some behind-the-scenes footage (which seemed like a laugh riot of sorts!) showed superstar Salman Khan pay a surprise visit to the sets to watch David Dhawan rehearse, cheer & motivate his Director #1! Later Anil Kapoor too, dropped in to the sets and was seen greeting all the judges and contestants.

Now to the performances - Karan-Amita began the proceedings with a performance that left everyone surprised! A super performance, full of energy and masti..their best till date! A marked improvement, especially in Amita's performance and her confidence levels! Did Vaibhavi's tips do the trick for her?! Sure it did..as Karan-Amita walked home with the 2nd highest scores for the day! Next came Kashmera-Krushna, with a Spanish/Latino dance number and everyone were super-impressed! They clearly silenced their critics who claimed that they could only perform to very Bollywood style jhatka-matka numbers! Vaibhavi's jodi's had left a mark..and how!

Next was Ishaa's turn to show off her jodi's skills. Sweta-Alex were first in line.. Once again, a great performance with good choreography. Though ofcourse, seems like they are stuck with the same scores and comments from the beginning of the show! Definitely one of the most consistent & most underrated jodi's in the show! Besides their performances, what seems to be working in favour of them is Alex being a firangi..and his ability to successfully have moulded himself into the Indian song & dance routine. Aamir-Sanjeeda, the cutest jodi amongst all, performed to a very earthy and rustic Indian number. Like Kashmera-Krushna, Aamir-Sanjeeda were also out to prove a point, that they are versatile and can perform to any style of dancing. Once again, they walked away with praises and accolades for their performance! After their performances, Ishaa presented both her jodi's with gifts.. a very sweet gesture that touched the hearts of one & all!

Last but not the least, David's Daav-Pench! First to perform were Pooja-Hanif. They're performance seemed like it was straight out of a David Dhawan film! Very Govinda ishtyle! With an Indo-Pak love story as the theme, their performance seemed to have all the masala of a Bollywood pot-boiler, but lacked the main element - ie, dance! It was more drama than dance..which, unfortunately, did not go down too well with the judges and Pooja-Hanif had to be satisfied with an average score. Lastly, it was Rakhi-Abhishek, but they too could not live upto the expectations! Rakhi didn't seem her usual self which reflected in her performance.

Going by the performances.. sure seemed like Vaibhavi hit the jackpot - her jodi's, both Karan-Amita & Kashmera-Krushna stole the thunder! The latter's choreographer, Nitin, won the 'Choreographer of the Day' Award!

The Elimination episode started with a bang! Rakhi, Krushna & Karan took to the judges chairs.. and mimicked Ishaa Koppikar, David Dhawan & Vaibhavi Merchant respectively. It was truly hilarious! Next up was a delightful performance by one of television's cutest real life jodi's - Karan Singh Grover & Shraddha Nigam!

Where there is dance, there is drama! Everything seemed alright, until Pooja Bedi raised objections to the judge's ranking system! A valid point raised - that the judges' comments are usually very misleading and don't always translate into scores accordingly.. Vaibhavi seemed miffed at Pooja's objection and asked her to take to the judges' chair if she wished! Guess, like in all reality shows we came back to square one, with no clear solution to the issue!

Time for the elimination! The safe jodi's were announced, and the jodi's left in the danger zone were Pooja-Hanif & Sweta-Alex! The judges' were questioned as to, given a choice, which jodi would they prefer 'safe' and all 3 judges unanimously pointed out that Pooja-Hanif should be safe.. Sweta-Alex too expressed the same opinion. But it was not meant to be, as Pooja-Hanif were eliminated from the show! The jodi took their ouster well, with a smile on their faces..but one could not help feel sorry for their choreographer, Sumeet..the youngest of the lot who had wished to celebrate his 21st birthday with the Nach Baliye unit! Quite a confident young man, he hoped to be back through the 'Wild Card' entry and celebrate his birthday with the unit!

Overall, fun-filled episodes..with dance, drama, masti & fun galore! Tune into Telly Buzz next week for more on Nach Baliye 3!

Author : Ekta

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author. For any information, please contact the author.

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hey hawtieee...hw r u???...ughhh m dying to see you i cnt wait anymore!!!...tmrw finally will get to see the best anchor ever...:D :D :D :D :D
hats off to you <3'

13 years ago

luv u alotttttttttttt ksg ,luv u sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............

13 years ago

the elimination was right this time, although i loved pooja-hanif's performance in the touch baliye episode.

16 years ago

thanks a lot.
I totally agree with the decision of elimination.

16 years ago

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16 years ago

wooot for karan :) wish he had a better partner,

& yeahhh amir & sanjeeda :) <3

16 years ago

Lol.. their is something rong in the article.. Karan-Amita didnt get 2nd highest but 3rd highest.. Krishna-Kashmeera got 20, and Sanjeeda-Amir 19..

16 years ago

enjoyed the episode. the contestant as judges were a treat to watch.

16 years ago

hota hai...hope sumeet get success later on

16 years ago

saw the epi.. it was a good one.. what pooja said was totally wrong she shouldn't of quesion the judges like that. aamir and sanjeeda were the best.

16 years ago

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