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Jjhoom India Announces Wild Card Entry

Jjhoom India brings back the eliminated Jodis for a Wild Card Round this Saturday.. We talk to Apara Mehta and Shama Sikander and get an insight on their thoughts on wild card...

Published: Friday,Dec 07, 2007 20:57 PM GMT-07:00
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This week in Jhhoom India, viewers get to watch their favourite eliminated contestants again in the wild card round. They get another chance to get them back into the show.

All the six eliminated jodis will be back on JJHOOM INDIA's Wild Card Entry round this Saturday, Dec 8th and will sing in front of the jury and the viewers. By this, they stand to gain another chance to appeal for votes from the viewers and impress the 3 member jury, Mahesh Bhatt, Shabana Azmi and Anandji to be back on the show. From them, just two jodis will make a comeback. Of these two jodi’s, one would be selected by SMS voting while the other by jury. The only change to be seen - Mika replaces Suresh Wadekar as Sweta Tiwari's partner.

Jjhoom India Announces Wild Card Entry
Keeping in view the format of the show, the question arises as to how far these selected jodi’s have a chance to go. Apara Mehta who was eliminated in the very first round inspite of giving a top-notch performance doesn’t blame the format though. “Format is as bad or good as the players play. So I would not blame the format for my exit, it is just the way in which we use the format that needs to be questioned”, says the disheartened star. Apara even today cannot believe that she got eliminated in such an unceremonious manner.“I really do not know what happened, but I did not deserve to go out in the very first round. But I did expect it; and I sensed that if I was not in the safe zone, then it will be very tough for me to sail through.”

Talking about the other Jodis' reaction after her elimination, Apara quotes, "Even after eliminating me, the other jodis tried to justify their decision by saying that I was a good performer, but not a good singer". A very much hurt Apara feels that her elimination proved to be a learning curve for other Jodis', but for her, it was total disaster.. On her Wild Card performance she feels it went off well, where she is singing “Mahive”. But she made very clear that she does not see any of Wild Card entrants making it big in Jhhoom. "It is true that the same format and the same contestants may send us out again, if the situation demands."

Jjhoom India Announces Wild Card Entry
Shama Sikander, another Wild Card contestant though had a different opinion. She feels the contestants did not err in the elimination process. "They are intelligent, I feel that the eliminations have been totally right", says the actress. Though for the Apara elimination, she agreed they made a mistake. "Yes, that was the very first episode, and I agree that we all erred there. All of us went through the trauma of eliminating the wrong person". But she is of the opinion that Wild Card entrants have an equal chance of winning. "All are really sweet people, and I think if we perform well, all will recognize our growth and think twice before elimination the wrong one”, opinions Shama. Shama Sikander gave a rendition of her all time favorite song 'Chandni Main teri Chandni'

We too hope what Shama says comes true and no deserving contestant gets eliminated again. But for now, everyone is waiting anxiously to watch their favourite contestants perform again and who knows your own favourtite may make the comeback too. So do tune in to SaharaOne at 9pm on Saturday 8th December for the Wild Card Special and get voting to bring your favorite contestant back....

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Barnali

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ask me @laney 16 years ago what about atif aslam???? he was talking about her in NKS
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