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Jhalak gets its top 4...

It came as a shock when the elimination was announced this week. To know who is out, read further…

Published: Saturday,May 09, 2009 20:00 PM GMT-06:00
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After the elimination of Shilpa Shukla last week in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 3, the show is ready for another eviction. This time it was a complete shocker with one of the favorites Parul Chauhan and Deepak bowing out.

Jhalak gets its top 4...
"Parul and Gauhar were in the dance off round. Gauhar performed extremely well and got the judges' votes in her favor. Parul was taken aback and the actress got very emotional on stage," says our source.

Talking about the comparison our khabroo adds, "The judges said that the steps of Gauhar were difficult but she managed it very nicely. On the other hand, Parul did some simple steps, so comparatively Gauhar did well to stay in the contest,"

Deepak was also very sad for Parul. "He said that he could not get a trophy for her and that's what is more disappointing for him", adds our source.

To this Parul was heard saying, "I am not able to look at Deepak as last year he was the winner and this year he is out of the show," chirps the source.

Jay Bhanushali and Mir Ranjan Negi who were the contestants of Season 2 of Jhalak will be the celebrity guests tonight and will be seen cheering the contestants in the show.

Now remain the top 4, Gauhar Khan, Hard Kaur, Karan Singh Grover and Baichung Bhutia. Lets see who will get to the top 3 positions in next week's episode.

Reporter: Rachana Trivedi, Ranjini Nair
Author: Rachana Trivedi

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manali @manali.mulik9 14 years ago i want hard kaur 2 win the title
but if u see the last 2 seasones who is better dancer will always loose and who has huge fan following will always win
in the 1st season shweta salve was deserving one but mona wins the title
in 2nd seasone sandhya mrudul was deserving one but prach wins the title
and this time no wonder that if ksg and bichung are come in the final then the title will gose to ksg or baichung this time
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Jeenu @RagVir4eva 14 years ago @Parishaa: Exactly yaar, it really sucks that we were not able to vote for her from the US. If we would have been, then she probably would never have been in the dance off either, and definetly would have been atleast in the semi-finals.
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suruchi123 @suruchi123 14 years ago Oh..My fav parul is out...this is not fair..instead of her karan should go out...I think parul is better than him and even popular with the masses..but problem is that bidaai is famous among old people also and who don''t vote...where as DMG which has never topped the TRPs is watched by the young generation who don''t hesitate to vote....so karan is always getting the highest vote...if the finale is totally based on vote,i will not be surprised if he wins...
But the one who deserves the most is HARD KAUR...But i have doubt whether she will win...

i think judges specially juhi is very partial towards gauhar and Hard kaur..
i still remember the way gauhar told about hanif,that was a very bad attitude,all the contestant felt it was wrong,but the judges were with gauhar....she is too much of attitute...where no body knows her so much...but still.......
before also there was dance off between gauhar and parul and there parul won only because next was wild card round and even a dumb man would have told that gauhar will come back....
if only voting would have been considered i am sure gauhar would have gone this week....
Any how i want HARD KAUR to win and GAuhar to be out(Don''t know from last two season..the one who is popular is winning...so lets see...)
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potter-maniac @potter-maniac 14 years ago this is really not fair... i personally think Parul should have gotten a chance to enter the top 4. I loved her performance in Aiye Meherbaan and i think Gauhar should have been eliminated instead
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Jeenu @RagVir4eva 14 years ago I am so extremely upset that Parul is out... A vast majority of the Indian junta is so stupid, they always vote for the wrong person... They go for looks and physique, not talent. Farislove you are absolutely correct that Karan should have gone a long long time ago. Monica and Shilpa were much better dancers than him. He got more votes for taking his shirt off than actually dancing. And as for popularity, Parul is no less than Karan. The problem is that even though the same girls who vote for Karan watch Parul in Bidaai and like her, it''s their natural habit as being a girl to vote for a guy. Girls never really vote for other girls, which is very wrong I would say. Also, I feel that Ragini became Parul''s own competitor. How? The problem is that as most of us know, Bidaai is India''s number one show, and Parul as Ragini is the number actress, so her fans know her as Ragini and love to watch her in Bidaai, and since Bidaai and JDJ both air at the same time in India, they prefer to watch Bidaai over JDJ, because I read online that Bidaai''s trp''s were at 6.5 where JDJ was at 1.2. So if her fans were watching her as Ragini, they were not watching Parul''s performances, therefore they were not voting for her. So people who say that she is not popular, its infact that she is so popular that she became her own competitor. Karan on the other hand is popular because of his looks and body, even though personally I don''t find anything attractive about him. And also as someone commented in this article that Karan would probably feel bad somewhere in his heart if he won and Hardkaur lost, no he wouldnt, he is so full of himself that he even said in the episode when the hosts asked that if you won and a better dancer lost, won''t you feel bad? and Karan''s answer was that if I win, no I will not feel bad. Wow that shows what kind of a selfish person he is... Whereas on th...
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Shilpa.Agarwal @Shilpa.Agarwal 14 years ago omg she was soapstar....i hope karu is not nexxxt!!! i want 2 see him in finale.....i want 2 see him win!!!
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parishaa @parishaa 14 years ago this time karan can come in dance off.. baichung and hk are at no 1 and 2 by getting good marks.. but GK and KSG are at 3 and 4 position. karan is lowest scoring this week.. use Gauhar se bachooo....
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leharmasti @leharmasti 14 years ago i never lyked parul much n i felt gauhar is gud dancer but wen i saw on sat i felt it was better dan gauhar''s......but......
n i cnt find any gud dancers in tis show,hard kaur is better.. karan is worst among al
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yipee @yipee 14 years ago really sad for me...no more interested in jhalak...just hoping hard kaur wins now
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MysticalRealm @MysticalRealm 14 years ago Correction***

All she can do is make problems and complain I mean have fun, Dance, Enjoy stop ruining your experience and others with a reality show!

She is a stuck-up person!

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