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Jeet looses his memory in Maayka

Romit Raj is going through another change in the show, as he takes to the Ghajini way...

Published: Wednesday,Jan 21, 2009 18:24 PM GMT-07:00
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Yet another twist will be seen in Zee’s Maayka with Jeet aka Romit Raj loosing his memory in the show. The actor goes the Ghajini way in the serial after he looses wife Soni (Kanchi Kaul).

As per our source, “The henchmen of Cherry who try to kill Soni attack Jeet too. They hit him on his head with a rod which results in his loss of memory.”

This is the trick of Cherry to get hold of Jeet. “After this Cherry comes to Jeet and makes him realize that she is his wife. This will lead to the biggest twist in the show, and will pave the way for Soni to wage a war against Cherry to get back Jeet”, concludes the source

Romit has a reason to smile though, as he is doing the Ghajini act in television!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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isha_love_SRK 13 years ago why they alway copy form movie they don''t have they own idea....get some ideo form u site on chajin is good enf..for this year we don''t want sceand
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smart amy girl
smart amy girl 13 years ago dis GHAJINI part 2..??? lol thanx..!!!
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snowflake0555 13 years ago i thought he died? hahaha wowww i gotta start watching this serial again i havent seen it since the strikee :P
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Jess. 13 years ago This will lead to the biggest twist in the show, and will pave the way for Soni to wage a war against Cherry to get back Jeet”

''''''''''''after he looses wife Soni (Kanchi Kaul).''''''''''''''''''''''''

how is this possible if soni dies?? LOL
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Shazi84 13 years ago LOL ....Jeet will be Aamir Khan in Maayka...LOL
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--Pooja-- 13 years ago Pretty repetive...lets see wat happens...
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jamune 13 years ago i lovw jeet in maayaka but hate him in betiyaan
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MasterKatara18 13 years ago Grr.. Bad Idea. Tellywood reeks now as there''s no more originality now! :(
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Lavarnia 13 years ago why the serial was so good par ise kharab karde ge why why
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Manusha_Divz 13 years ago When will they stop copying movies man............
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