Jai Kumar Nair rekindles Mithun Da's memories..

Mithun da revisits the days of Krishnan Iyer M A Nariyal Paani wala as Jai Kumar Nair brings to life the character again..

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The talented Jai Kumar Nair ended his pre-finale phase in Zee's Dance India Dance with a memorable performance by enacting the Grandmaster Mithun Da's popular on screen character till date, 'Krishnan Iyer MA', from the movie Agneepath.

Jai performed exceptionally well and Mithun Da was thoroughly touched by his performance. It was a reminiscent of his younger youthful but struggling days. When Jai confessed to Mithun da that though he somehow managed to copy his dancing style, he just could not emulate his whacky expressions, Mithun Da went on to narrate a very touchy incident behind the development of this weird character.

Those days, Mithun da used to live in a kind of Paying Guest arrangement in Koliwada where generally the fourth class employees of the BMC used to put up. There one paid Rs.150 to sleep on a single bed and paid Rs. 75 to sleep on the floor. Mithun Da had the floor arrangement and had a Mallu (malyali) roommate who used sleep on the single bed. Unfortunately one night Mithun da was bitten by a huge rat. He bled profusely and as a result could not sleep the whole night. In the morning, when he found that his roommate had left for work, he decided to give some comfort to his battered body and slept on his bed. As luck would have it instead of returning in the evening, this fellow returned within couple of hours! Upon seeing Mithun Da lying on his bed, his rage knew no boundaries. He started abusing Mithun da in his Malyali accented Hindi, "tumhara himmat kaise hua mere bed pe sone ki…tum mere bed ko ganda karega , toh dekhna main loongi uthake tumahara kya haal karega" …… that's how Mithun Da got inspired when he had to emulate the character of Krishnan Iyer M A Nariyal Paani wala….."

Today Mithun Da laughs when he narrates the incident, but the proof of his success lies in the struggles he has seen in his life…

Three cheers to the Grand Master and of course to Jai, whose performance whose performance will be remembered for long..


Jai Kumar

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rinkythecutie 11 years ago Just luv himm!!He roxx!Do win the competition!!
missy6892 11 years ago This content is hidden.
anjalipranav 11 years ago This content is hidden.
bary 11 years ago jai is really rocking,hope he wins also love his down to earth nature a lot,love u jai
burgerchaap 11 years ago Jai rocks!!!
I hope eitheir him or Alisha win =D
togepe30 11 years ago I hope Jai wins!! He deserves it the most !!
desicrowd 11 years ago Lovely...Jai u r the best and hope u win. Mithunda u rock.
monu_tan 11 years ago Great Jai.. I hope you were the best again..he deserves the golden hat for sure..
Dabulls23 11 years ago Awwwww my fav movie acting of Mithun and Love Jai performing on that....Cant wait...

Go Jai Go....
rekha02 11 years ago I also hope Jai Kumar wins , my fav. contestant , the dark horse of DID
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