It's not one, but two celebrities going out this week!!

Check out who got ousted from Kaun Jeetega Bollywood ka Ticket this week!! Also more drama and more surprises await the viewers this week!!

Abigael Jain, the youngest contestant of 9X’ Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket who represented the Western Sharks is the one to be eliminated this week!!

This elimination comes as a shock after Twinkle Bajpai and Puneet Israni of Central Cheetahs staged a walkout earlier in the episode! The celebrities who were in the bottom three were Reshmi Ghosh from Eastern Tigers, Twinkle and Abigael.

Giving us details is our source from the sets, “Abigael expressed her disappointment at being the second celebrity to get ousted in one episode. But then the show had to go on, Twinkle went out as per her wish and as per the format of the show, there had to be an elimination happening, and the axe fell on Abigael and her partner Bhushan”.

There was more drama this week apart from the Twinkle-Puneet one, as Panchi Bora’s partner Rahul who got eliminated last week came to the sets and had a verbal fight with Bhushan, Abigael’s partner. According to our source, “Bhushan and Rahul were the best of friends, but their friendship went for a toss when Rahul got eliminated last week. But all was fine later as they sorted out their differences”.

Reporter : Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Reshmi Ghosh

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Twinkle Bajpai

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one drama after another...wen is this gonna sad 2 c abigail leave..i liked their performance last for twinkle she is out because of her attitude and actions. i hope she wont come back 2 create more drama.

15 years ago

this is sad
i like her in KDMH

15 years ago

thanks... this show is filled with drama!

15 years ago

wen did dis happen??in which episode?? did it happen on 27th of august episode??im confused:S:S:S

15 years ago

Oh God this show has serisouly more drama then kekta's dramas put together...

15 years ago

two pairs in one episode - this has happened in ANTM cycle four I think, but the girl didnt walk out infact she was eliminated for her atitude towards the competition and participants!!

Agree if she wants go go - let her but A and B should have been kept!! I hope they dont go the Nach Baliye way and bring TP through WC enteries:S!!

15 years ago

In a way its right, but then agen if twinkle and puneet went out then they shud hav counted that as part of the ellimination!

15 years ago

Two Pairs in one episode!!!...... ThanX

15 years ago

this rahul bhushan thing is sure scripted..kya drama hai...

15 years ago

omg i'm glad that twinkle and puneet r out...they r gr8 dancers but b4 they perform in a show like this, they need to learn some etiquette

15 years ago

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