Anupamaa: Are Anuj and Anupama going to turn into strangers?

The recently released promo of the Star Plus' show Anupamaa hints at Anupama's separation from her family, especially Anuj.

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Star Plus show Anupamaa has been captivating the hearts of millions with its compelling characters and intriguing narrative. The current storyline revolves around Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) proposing a shocking demand in front of the Shah family, asking them to refrain from contacting Anupama for any reason, and Baa agrees with Vanraj.

In tonight's episode, Baa expresses concerns about the safety of modern food practices and reminisces about the health benefits of traditional cooking. Anupama faces restrictions from Vanraj, leading Kinjal to confront the clash between modern and traditional parenting. Tapish decides to leave, and Anupama reaffirms her decision to attend Pari's birthday despite Vanraj's disapproval. As the birthday party unfolds, Choti feels envious of Pari's gifts, highlighting disparities. Anuj reassures her but faces disapproval from Anupama. The celebration brings joy, but Baa observes Vanraj's interest in Dimpy. Anupama, contemplating Vanraj's remarks, attends the party, facing internal conflict. 

In the recently released promo of Anupamaa, she is seen packing all her belongings and heading to an unfamiliar country, America. She seeks directions from a stranger, and the woman guides Anupama before leaving. Initially, Anupama appears relieved, but moments later, she becomes confused and scared in this unknown country with unfamiliar faces and everything new.

In the next scene, Anupama arrives at a cafe feeling hungry. Upon checking her money, she realizes she has too little and becomes upset. However, the cafe owner notices her predicament and offers her food. When fate doesn't support her, strangers come to her aid. The cafe owner serves her noodles, and Anupama eagerly eats, appearing very hungry.

In another subplot, Anupama is shown serving people and cooking in her new environment. While cooking, she receives a call from Anuj. Before Anuj can say more than hello, Anupama rushes to the stove, where food is cooking, and another woman takes the call. Anuj proceeds to order the food. The promo concludes with a voiceover of Anupama stating that her known people have become strangers. 

The looming question is whether this recent promo hints at Anupama's separation from her family, especially Anuj.

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Comments (3)

yes please!! pretty please!! it’s high time for bae to sign a new show

4 months ago

Not strangers
Say they're going to separate. Seems like something will happen to CA

4 months ago

Let them be strangers forever. Find a new guy for Anupamaa instead so that she and her filthy family of Tamashahs can ruin his life. Ye Majboor ko kaafi beizzat aur barbaad kar diya. Ab isme kuch nahi rakha

4 months ago

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